Sudden Strike 4

Sudden Strike 4 is a downloadable One era of world history that provides endless fodder for video games and film is the World War II period and the conflict from which the age draws its name. An epic conflict of nations and good versus evil, World War II truly touched all parts of the globe and pitted armies, navies, and air forces against each other in conflicts that have not been replicated on a similar scale ever since. Emerging triumphant over the Germans and the Japanese, the Allies, and the Soviet Union would go on to set the tenor of international relations for the next 50 years during the Cold War. 

In Sudden Strike, you get to learn all about the tactics, battles, armaments, and political considerations each of these nations made during the world’s largest conflict.

How to Download Sudden Strike 4

Sudden Strike 4 together with its downloadable content, which is Road to Dunkirk, Finland: Winterstorm and Africa: Desert War can be obtained from To start downloading click on the Download button at the end of the game review.

If you are a fan of the series you can also get Sudden Strike Gold (2001) Sudden Strike 2 Gold  (2002), and Sudden Strike 3 (2007). For the fans of WWII games, we also recommend the FPS titles Call of Duty: WWII or Battlefield V.

The Game Review

A series of strategy games from Russian developers Fireglow and published by CDV from Germany, Sudden Strike spawned a series of games that cover the epic WWII conflict and puts players in the roles of various commanders and decision makers that had a meaningful impact on that event. Drawing entirely from actual history, Sudden Strike is still a strategy game at its heart and places a premium on thinking ahead and engaging in combat in an advantageous way.

Unlike real-time strategy games like the Command and Conquer series, Sudden Strike does away with resource depots and gathering, instead focusing the player’s attention on getting resources and building up weaponry. This makes Sudden Strike fast paced and intense but also adds a bit of action to it that livens up what can be a staid genre. After all, as on the actual WWII battlefield, the armaments arrived premade and resource gathering and the like would not only be ahistorical but also somewhat absurd in this setting.

First released in 1996, the Sudden Strike series continues with Sudden Strike 4 which still hews largely to the conventions established decades ago. With a primary focus on the World War II conflict, Sudden Strike never delves into the extraordinary and off-the-wall antics often found in this genre and can come off as somewhat restrained because of this. Factoring the title’s adherence to realism and historical accuracy with its bend towards emphasizing strategy and battlefield combat, Sudden Strike offers a nice balance of video game and history lesson. Players who enjoy authenticity while also engaging in combat using historically accurate armaments will find a lot to love with Sudden Strike 4.

The Graphics 

Graphically speaking, the series is nothing to write home about but does a great job of providing just enough detail to tell you what you need to know about your units and terrain. Sound and soundtrack are also appropriate and suitably epic given the stakes present in some of the battles.

The Educational Value of Sudden Strike 4

One of the most impressive things about the game is the sheer amount of information on offer. Players will not only learn about the conflict in startling detail but also will become intimately familiar with the battles and weapons used during the war, making Sudden Strike a learning experience as well.

Sudden Strike 4
Sudden Strike 4 is a real-time strategy game played during World War II. Download it now and take part in historical battles.
8 Total Score
Sudden Strike 4 Review Summary

  • Focused WWII strategy title
  • Period-accurate guns and armaments
  • Compelling, addictive gameplay
  • Limited simulation options
  • Linear path to your destination
  • Aging interface and combat style
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