Total War: Three Kingdoms

It is fair to say that Total War: The Three Kingdoms is the most incredible game in the whole series so far. Total War has been a series that has really been hit or miss for me. Some games are good, some are poorly made and others are just meh. With this one, it is like Sega and Creative Assembly managed to nail every aspect of it.

How to Download Total War: Three Kingdoms

You can download the game from Steam. Check out also our reviews of other Total War series games, such as Total War: Warhammer II (2017), Total War: Thrones of Britannia (2018), and Total War: Rome II (2013).

The Game Review

The setting for this game is ancient China. It is based on the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. As a result, the story in the game is not exactly 100 percent historically accurate as there are fictional elements at play here, but that actually works to the game’s advantage.

There are two ways to play the campaign, but in all honesty, only one of them matters and that is Romance Mode. This absolutely blew me away with how epic in scale it was. Your generals are now kung-fu masters who laugh in the face of danger and can do all kinds of crazy kung-fu related moves.

The storytelling is great and I love the way that the characters talk to each other. It really does set the tone very well and it actually gives some of the more important characters a lot more personality. Speaking of personality, the whole game is full of it. I have found myself bored to tears by the story that some of the Total War games have told in the past, but this one here is like it could have been ripped out of an anime movie.

You want to unite the land and in order to do this, you, of course, have to wage war. That is not all there is to Total War: The Three Kingdoms though. There is also a lot of politics at play and trying to cause trouble between two other places through manipulation was something that I had a lot of fun with.

Building your settlements and getting the right people to fight for you is very important. Choosing who you want to lead is very important as some of these characters are jerks and would leave you in a heartbeat! That is not meant as a negative, it is actually another thing that makes the game so much fun.

Total War: The Three Kingdoms has different classes that you can make use of. There are five different classes, but the catch is you can only use three at a time. This adds a lot of strategy to the way that you play. The classes each have something that makes them special.

Commander, for example, can rally the troops and motivate them. Vanguard is great for throwing into action against the enemies weaker troops and the Sentinel class can hold off against a charge. Play around and experiment with the classes to find what one suits your playstyle the best.

The Romance Mode truly is the best thing to ever happen to this series. There is still a lot of strategy in play here. Yet the game is not too challenging where it becomes frustrating, the challenge really is just right. It all leads to an amazing end game where three forces must fight it out for victory.

There is also Records Mode which is a more traditional campaign. It slows things down, strips back the more fantasy-based elements and you have to deal with things like stamina and worrying that your warlord will fall. Honestly, this mode is not for me and I do not see how anyone could go to this once they had played Romance Mode.

Total War: The Three Kingdoms is a really fun game. It is very addictive and I think it is by far the best game in this entire series. I feel that they have got the balance here just right. Longtime fans will eat it up and those who have found the series too intimidating or boring in the past will be able to jump in and have a great time once they learn the basics.

Total War: Three Kingdoms
Total War: Three Kingdoms is a cross between an RTS and a turn-based strategy. Download it now and begin your war in China in 190 AD.
9 Total Score
Total War: Three Kingdoms Review Summary

  • Romance Mode is the best thing to happen to the series
  • The presentation is very slick and polished
  • The game does not struggle to run like past games
  • The different classes are great
  • The story is funny, thoughtful and very well told
  • The Records Mode is pretty boring
  • There is still a little bit of a learning curve here
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