Two Point Hospital

Two Point Hospital is a downloadable management simulation game developed by Two Point Studios. The game was published by Sega and was released on 30th August 2018. Two Point Hospital is a game that allows its players to manage their very own realistic hospital. The main aim of the player is to construct different hospital wards and cure all sorts of ill patients that visit it. The game is available to play on Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux.  You cannot enjoy it on PS4 or Xbox One.

How to Download Two Point Hospital

To get hold of Two Point Hospital simply click on the Download button towards the end of this game review. The source where the game can be downloaded is the Steam platform. If you like hospital simulators you might also want to download and try playing the legendary Theme Hospital from 1997.

Is There a Downloadable Free Demo?

Sadly, currently, nothing is known about the plans of Two Point Studios to release a free demo of Two Point Hospital.

Two Point Hospital Review

Two Point Hospital, so far, is only available in the single-player mode where players get to control and manage a whole hospital including its facilities, its staff, and its overall performance.

The game starts off with a tutorial where players get to learn the basics of the game and get used to the environment. In the beginning, players start off with $200,000 to begin their careers and set up the facilities in their own hospitals. The first thing that the players set up is a receptionist’s table and a practitioner’s office due to the fact that the game clearly states how in each diagnosis, all patients will have to visit a general practitioner.

Apart from setting up facilities, the game also allows its players to decorate their hospitals generally. The next step after setting up the facilities is the hiring of the appropriate staff. For each department, players have to hire staff including doctors, nurses, assistants, and janitors.

One of the intriguing factors of this game is how each staff member has a different rank in terms of skill and qualification. Naturally, all staff members have to be paid so the higher the skill and qualification they possess, the more they cost to hire.

Once the building and hiring process is done, different patients with different illnesses visit the hospital in order to get cured. From the game’s perspective, the players are given numerous challenges that they have to fulfill in order to earn stars which can be used to unlock numerous special items.

The game also features lifelike aspects such as keeping the patients interested and preventing signs of boredom while they wait for their turn. Although the game starts easy with only a limited number of patients showing up, it takes little time for the difficulty to escalate. In certain situations, such as a nearby fire, large amounts of patients can show up thereby forcing the players to cater to their needs immediately at the same time.

Lastly, as the game progresses, it is required for the players to constantly train their staff in order to keep them up to date. Whether it’s a doctor or a simple janitor, all the staff members are required to be kept up to date. Hence, apart from just managing the facilities, players are required to keep a close eye on their workers, enabling them to work at their full potential.

Overall, Two Point Hospital offers very realistic gameplay by enabling the players to completely control the surroundings around them. This is the perfect game for anyone who has an interest in working in the medical field.

Two Point Hospital
Two Point Hospital is a medical facility management simulation created with a large dose of humor. Download the game and have your patients undergo bizarre treatments.
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