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Torrent Search 0.11.2

Torrent Search is a comprehensive utility that is developed in Python. It’s a simple and manageable torrent search engine that helps users to search for torrent files so they can download them easily. This program’s primary purpose is to provide results from different websites so people can find the torrent files they are looking for.

After using this tool, we can say that it’s straightforward and can be used by anyone. The developers didn’t add hard options, which can be frustrating. You can choose different options from the search bar and find the files according to your requirements.

This program is compatible with Windows and Linux. Apart from that, searching torrent data is easier with the help of this tool. It allows you to get data on the basis of date, size, and keywords. It’s a lightweight app and doesn’t require much space. To make your experience better, you can read the user manual on the official website.

How to Download Torrent Search

To download the program, click on the Download button located below this review.

The Program Review

There are many torrent promising sites that you can find on the internet. But not all these sites provide reliable results. Some sites have issues with speed, and some don’t provide good quality data. So, what can you do in such a situation?

From our point of view, it’s essential to use an application that can provide you fast results when it comes to torrent files. Therefore, if you need a reliable program, try Torrent Search as it’s fast and provide accurate results in no time.

It contains a powerful searching algorithm that detects different sites and finds an accurate result. You can also start and stop the process and check whether you got the right file.

Apart from that, you can also disable and enable plugins without disturbing the data. Below are some other useful elements of this software that you must read.

The Key Features of Torrent Search

Here are some of the essential elements of this tool that are worth mentioning.

  1. Efficient Software

Torrent Search performs all the tasks quickly. Whether you want to download files or want to search them, it does all the things quickly. It allows you to find errors and the files that are not good for your computer.

  1. Checks Information of Each Torrent

You can easily confirm the torrent information, such as name, size, date, category, filename, etc.

  1. User-Friendly Interface

The GUI of this program is simple and user-friendly. That means you can easily use it, and it doesn’t require any technical expertise.

  1. Advanced Search Algorithm

It has an advanced algorithm that helps to find the files fast. It checks your query and finds different websites for better results. On the primary panel, you can find various torrent links from where you can choose your required link effortlessly.

  1. Search Plugins

You can search for different plugins as well. In case if you didn’t like the plugins, you can enable and disable them according to your requirements.

Final Verdict

This app offers a simple and reliable solution to find torrent files quickly. It also allows you to search the files by name, keywords, categories, and much more. So, if you want to find torrent links fast, this software is the right choice.

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Torrent Search is a torrent search engine. Download it now and discover all the downloadable treasures there are.
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