File Sharing & P2P

Microsoft OneDrive

Editor's choice Microsoft OneDrive-007

OneDrive is a Microsoft cloud storage service that allows you to store all of your data in one secure location that you can access from nearly anywhere. The service functions similarly to a ...


Editor's choice Vuze-6

If the name Vuze sounds familiar you may remember that it was originally called, Azureus. It has been one of the biggest torrent clients for nearly 20 years by this point and I recently put the ...

FrostWire 6.9.8 build 312

Editor's choice FrostWire-5

Man, I have not used a BitTorrent client in years! Well, FrostWire is currently one of the most popular BitTorrent clients around and it also gives you P2P downloading, works as a “cloud downloader” ...

Torrent Search 0.11.2

Editor's choice Torrent_ Search-3

Torrent Search is a comprehensive utility that is developed in Python. It’s a simple and manageable torrent search engine that helps users to search for torrent files so they can download them ...

Dukto R6

Editor's choice Dukto-R6-hero

Why download Dukto R6? Because file transfer software can often be more of a pain than it is worth. From the various hurdles you have to go over in terms of security to the downright maddening design ...

BitComet 1.91

Editor's choice BitComet_en_main

The torrent network is one of the most popular way for people to engage in peer to peer file sharing. It has been quite the challenge for a very long time to find the best application that would ...

Peer-to-peer (P2P) is a way to share and distribute digital media. The transmission of P2P files gives users the possibility to access various multimedia files, for example, books, films, games, music. P2P programs are used to take advantage of P2P.

The first program that we’ll mention here is the free Ares that can boast a huge number of downloads by users.

Another free client for exchanging files on the p2p network is BitTorrent. This program gives you the chance to quickly download and exchange various multimedia files such as music, photos, video, documents, program installers or operating system images. The most important feature and at the same time the advantage of this program and the network it operates on is a fast transfer of files between the users.

BitTorrent has a fairly low demand for so-called system resources and therefore can also be used on older devices.

µTorrent is another extremely popular client. It owes its popularity to the fact that it is sending files over the BitTorrent network, which is designed for a quick exchange of peer-to-peer files using the so-called torrent files. It is characterized by the lack of unnecessary computer load when downloading large and numerous files, and this is due to the fact that the downloaded files are divided into small fragments. After downloading all the necessary parts, the program joins them together and creates one file.

Another program is BearShare, it is also a free and very easy-to-use alternative for exchanging files between users. It uses the Gnutella network. This application gives you the ability to download files from several users at the same time. it is capable of achieving high download speed.

The next popular program is the free BitComet. The program offers the ability to download and send files at the same time. It can assign priority tasks and set files in the queue. BitComet also supports HTTP, FTP, and magnet link protocols.

There are a lot of file-sharing programs available. It is also necessary to mention Free Torrent DownloadVuze, or eMule. The less popular programs that are also worth mentioning are BitSpiritBitLord, and Shareaza.