uTorrent, actually called μTorrent, is a downloadable program that is used for downloading torrent files on your computer’s hard drive. It is also possible to download it and use on mobile devices. Download the program from the manufacturer’s website or through the MadDownload.com website.

uTorrent Pro and uTorrent Free

uTorrent is offered in two versions: pro (paid) and free. The pro version offers a wide range of features such as: automatic virus protection, which ensures that you will not download a file with a malware. The pro version also allows you to play the file directly in the application without waiting for the download to finish. The paid version is also ad-free and provides pre-release access to new features and customer support. An interesting feature in the pro version is the capability to convert files to HD quality and their instant playback. The free version does not offer the above-mentioned capabilities, but it also does its job, allowing users to access the download library as well as all the other features of the program. An upgrade to the pro version is possible at any time after installing the basic version. uTorrent can be downloaded for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android, and can be accessed via a web browser by logging in to your previously created account.

uTorrent on the Mobile Phones – How to Use It

uTorrent for mobile devices running Android is a very interesting app. Once downloaded, you receive the same capabilities as the desktop users. You can download uTorrent files directly to the mobile device via magnet links. The data can only be saved when using Wi-Fi connection. When you purchase the pro version, you get access to the battery-saving feature. You can also use the built-in media player. Then you do not need an additional application to play the downloaded files.

uTorrent has been known for years as one of the easiest to use and most comfortable p2p tools ever. Over the years its appearance has changed, but it is still the most popular and best-known program for downloading peer-to-peer files.

We should also mention the very clean and intuitive interface of the application, which is well suited both for the beginners as well as the advanced users. If you do not have an idea at the moment what you can download, just go to the Bundle tab. Then the program will redirect you to three free and legal torrent files, which are ready to download. Managing the list of currently downloaded torrents is also trivial. On the list of files, you can monitor the download speed and the remaining time to finish the download. To remove a file from the list, just right-click its name and select Delete – this command deletes only the file name from the download list without deleting data from the hard disk of the computer. uTorrent also allows you choose how long after downloading any given file you want to share it with other users of the program.


μTorrent, also known as uTorrent, is a popular program that uses p2p technology. It allows you to download files shared by other Internet users: programs, games, movies, documents, and music. Download it for free.

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