8 Ball Pool is a popular online Flash game, that is also available on Android and iOS completely for free for whoever wants to play it. 8 Ball Pool was released on Miniclip originally in 2011 and was later ported to mobile devices. The objective of the game was to simply play a round of pool against an opponent, but the simple nature of the controls and the spritely visuals made the game an accessible treat for all to enjoy.

How to Download 8 Ball Pool

You can download the Flash version of the game from Miniclip website. Alternatively, you can get hold of 8 Ball Pool for Android or iOS by visiting respectively Google Play Store and Apple App Store. To begin downloading click on the Download button at the end of the review.

The Game Review

As should come as no surprise, in 8 Ball Pool there is no sort of story mode, campaign, or single-player for players to try out. By any chance that they’re looking to get better at the game, then they’re just going to have to jump online and test out their techniques there.

The gameplay for 8 Ball Pool is relatively simple, it takes the rules of pool, where the objective of the game is to pot all of the player’s assigned balls, and then eventually pot the black to finish off. It takes that simple rule of play and makes it even more accessible to the player by having them play from a distinct, top-down perspective, and present a short, white line of sight as to give them an inkling of where the shot might take the ball.

The gameplay is designed to keep things simple for the player, without making things too complicated for the average player to enjoy. Outside of the regular gameplay loop, the player can earn coins by playing and winning matches and can then choose to spend the newly acquired cash on cosmetics, such as a new pool cue, that both the player and the opponent can see. With both a ranked mode and a quick play mode, both casual and hardcore players alike have plenty to sink their teeth into with this one.

Visually, the game takes a rather cartoonish and simple visual style, both due to its age, and to remain available to older PC’s. While the visual style isn’t the most striking, its simple nature makes it quite clear what the player needs to do at all times, and in a game about simplicity, that seems to be the key.

In terms of comparisons, this title is similar to many other games about pool and its sport, such as older pool and billiards titles. While the game doesn’t take too much inspiration from those types of games, many games have clearly taken inspiration from it, such as games like Pool Nation. 8 Ball Pool has been a popular title for many years now and still has many different types of players playing it each day, so it makes sense that so many different titles have taken inspiration from it.

For fans of easy to learn, hard to master titles, 8 Ball Pool is everything they could ask for. It’s incredibly accessible without being too easy for the player, and the fact that they’re required to play against real people just means they are only going to get better and better with each subsequent match.

8 Ball Pool
8 Ball Pool is a mobile simulation of the eponymous pool game which you can enjoy on your mobile phone. Download the game and become a pool master.
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