Garena RoV Mobile MOBA – Arena of Valor

Garena RoV Mobile MOBA (Arena of Valor) is a multiplayer online battle arena as its name would suggest by Good Mobile Games Private Limited. Like a traditional MOBA, players are put onto the battlefield with many different heroes they can choose from and fight to decide who is the strongest of them all. RoV (it stands for Realm of Valor) allows for an additional 3v3 mode as well as a 1v1 mode beyond the traditional 5v5 mode found in most MOBAs.

Games last about 10 minutes and simple yet intuitive controls provide for a smooth experience during play. The company is even planning its own esports arena/experience for the game to further the game’s play. The constant updates added to the game ensure for more options and ways to play so that fans can quickly find something to do in and out of their games. In Arena of Valor, players find with updates new skills or slots added for more combinations to be tested. Out of game, players can make highlights, send them to friends, rate their teammates, and send or receive gifts.

How to Download Garena RoV Mobile MOBA

To download the game visit either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. To start downloading click on the Download button at the end of the review.

Other Mobile MOBA Games

Similar titles within the mobile MOBA genre to the game include Mobile Legends, Vainglory, and Iron League as well as many others. Across all/most titles players can find similar controls as well as settings to try many of the games including RoV and have a lot of fun in the MOBA format. Speaking for the MOBA genre in general, players are put into teams of however many the selected setting says (most often five) and have roles as to what they provide for the team.

Some are tanks that soak up damage and distract the enemy team while providing defenses. Other are attackers or mages that do various styles of damage output bursting the enemy down. Supports, as the name would suggest, help out the team in healing, buffs and more. For characters you love playing, you have an opportunity to buy skins and accessory packs to look flashy in-game. When mastering a role, you use different heroes of the role to see if you like the playstyle and become the best. Because even within a role, each character is vastly different, the fun of mastering a role completely is less tedious and repetitive than one might think.

Garena RoV Mobile MOBA Review

For quick casual games on the ride home or when you want to play with friends on mobile, it is the perfect type of game that can be bought and played anywhere without having to lug around a computer. Rise in the ranks of ranked play or have fun and test new builds in casuals. There is something sure to fit any person that plays RoV. The company has been recognized for previous games as recognized winners and give the game constant updates for relevance and greater things for the player to interact with.

Check out the F2P Garena RoV Mobile MOBA on Android and get ready to battle on with whoever whenever. Also, check out the other MOBA mobile games mentioned beyond Garena RoV Mobile MOBA for a greater variety and be sure to check out our other game reviews as well.

Garena RoV Mobile MOBA
Garena RoV Mobile MOBA is a mobile multiplayer strategy game with a fantasy setting. Download it now for free.
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