Kick the Buddy

A downloadable mobile game that combines a voodoo doll with a stress reliever. That’s Kick the Buddy in a nutshell. Have It can be yours to play for free. Grab your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet and get the game for some wanton acts of violence.

You can get the game from Google Play Store or from Apple App Store. To start downloading hit the Download button below the review.

Kick the Buddy Review

When it comes to stress relief there are many different tactics people use to make sure they are not overburdened by the world at large.

From stress balls to exercising to playing music – everyone has their own unique way of letting go of the stresses of the day and unwinding.

But that first concept, that of a stress ball, is a more immediate release of stress and provides a much more tactile approach to letting out our anxiety and frustrations.

The makers of Kick the Buddy asked themselves one day “what if there was an app for that?” and the aforementioned game was born. Itself a “stress reliever” game, Kick the Buddy is a unique title that is nonetheless bogged down by a ton of ads and in-game monetization options.

Outside of that what you have on offer really defies description, like most games on the smartphone do, but that doesn’t mean it escape categorization completely.

If you were forced to put Kick the Buddy into a category it would be that of a puzzle game because, in many ways, Kick the Buddy is puzzling. What exactly are you supposed to do outside of torture the titular buddy?

It is hard to tell but the game gives you a myriad of ways to do just that – all in cartoon-like innocence and humor though. It’s hard to take Kick the Buddy seriously but it does, nonetheless, offer players a serious experience. 

Not only are their add-ons for the game but the ads pushing monetization are nearly endless in this title and otherwise cloud up with is a compelling game from the standpoint of its concept.

Done in bright, colorful though somewhat static cartoon graphics, Kick the Buddy keeps it simple and somewhat vague for an experience that is largely self-defined. You get what you want out of this game and it is sure to get you to view ads in the process.

Neither a child nor an adult game, and really not fitting into the puzzler genre that easy, Kick the Buddy is an example of the kind of game that dwells in the twilight of genres introduced by mobile gaming.

Kick the Buddy is more of an experience than anything and, if torturing an animated doll helps you in life, then have at it.

For most gamers, however, Kick the Buddy will exist as a fun, occasional diversion that offers the opportunity to leave the real world if only briefly for a game that allows us to do things we were told not to do: Break stuff. A darkly comical experience, Kick the Buddy thrives because it never takes itself too seriously and nor will you playing it. 

Though the in-game monetization can be a bit of a bother it is nonetheless to be expected with games these days and should not hold you back from what is otherwise an awesomely unique gaming experience for your Apple iPhone or Android headset.

Kick the Buddy

Kick the Buddy is your mobile game of choice if you feel like venting your frustration. Download it and enjoy the mayhem.

8.5 Total Score

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