Lucky Patcher 7.1.6

Lucky Patcher is an application designed for Android users. It allows you to personalize all APK files in the programs installed on a device running this system. This means that you can edit their properties. Various application components, settings or even the fact whether the ads are displayed or not may be changed. Lucky Patcher will also certainly not damage any program.

What is Lucky Patcher for and Who Can Use It?

Lucky Patcher application is intended for the Android 2.3 and newer operating system. You can use it without root access, but only after having administrator privileges will you be able to use all its available features. Downloading Lucky Patcher is completely free.  The application is easy to use. The main purpose of Lucky Patcher is to let the users of Android smartphones and tablets change the way the applications and games work

What Can I Do With Lucky Patcher?

Using Lucky Patcher, you can make changes to the structure of the APK files. In other words, you can, for example, delete ads that pop up when you start a game or application. If you have an app installed from outside your Google Play store on your hardware, you might often have a problem using it. Lucky Patcher allows you to remove troublesome components, which affects the program a negative way. In addition, the manufacturer of Lucky Patcher allows you to backup selected applications and transfer them to an SD memory card.

How to Use Lucky Patcher?

Contrary to appearances, the program is quite simple to use and does not require any specialist knowledge. After launching Lucky Patcher, you see a list of games and applications installed on your system. From the list, choose the one you want to modify. Each application has several options available. The standard features include App Info, Launch App, Open Menu of Patches, Tools, Uninstall App, and Manage the app. The main thing to do here is to choose the patching option. In the menu that will appear, you have the ability to remove ads, get rid of license verification, change components and even create modified APK files. Next, you choose the option that interests you and you’re ready to go since the greatest advantage of the program is that it does the changes automatically. The user only has to choose what to change The whole configuration is performed by Lucky Patcher.

Can Lucky Patcher Change Any Application?

The answer is simple – no. This is why the app has been dubbed “lucky”. If you want to know whether you can patch an app you just have to try it because everything depends on the version of our your program and ultimately on the luck itself. However, it’s worth using Lucky Patcher. It will do its best to make it easier for you to use your Android.

Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is a free program to modify applications written for Android devices. Download it from the manufacturer's website and see if you're lucky in patching.

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