Pokémon Quest

Pokémon Quest is an action-adventure game in the Pokémon series developed by Game Freak. The game was initially released on 30th May 2017 and was published by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. The game features voxel-style designs as Pokémon are featured in a cubical shape. The main aim of the game is to complete all the levels on the game by completing tasks which revolve around batting with other Pokémon. The game is available to play in the platforms of Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

How to Download Pokémon Quest

You can download the game from Google Play Store and Apple Play Store. To commence your download click on the Download button. It is at the end of this review. If you like the game you should also try other Pokémon titles like Pokémon GO or Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon.

The Game Review

The game is only available in a single-player mode and offers the campaign mode for players to play in. The campaign starts when the player crash lands on a mysterious island full of Pokémon. Once you land, the story moves forward and allows you the player to start off with a single Pokémon by choosing from a list consisting of Pikachu, Eve, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander.

After selecting their Pokémon, the players can then set up their base camps after which they are able to explore the island and do different quests. In the camp set up, players can make different dishes to attract new kinds of Pokémon, set up different decorations, and receive new Pokémon that visit the campsite once after every 22 hours.

The game enables players to choose from 18 dishes to attract new Pokémon. The dishes depend upon the ingredients which can be obtained from expeditions or recycling unused power stones. Once the Pokémon appears, the players can befriend them by simply tapping on them.

The main storyline of the game progresses when players take part in different expeditions. These expeditions mainly focus on clearing the island from wild Pokémon. The expedition features up to 12 locations, each with 3 to 7 levels and the option for Players to train their Pokémon by bringing them along or simply through training. Pokémon have their own power charms which can be inserted on to their item slots to increase their stats. The stones vary from mighty and sturdy to rare stones which, when inserted into the Pokémon’s slot, increases their hp and attack levels.

The combat system for Pokémon Quest is relatively simple. The Pokémon controlled by players will automatically attack any nearby wild Pokémon by inflicting damage to them directly based on turns. Players also have the option to select from a number of attacks as each Pokémon has their own special attack which can lead to heavy damage to the opponent. Once the wild Pokémon is defeated, players earn in-game experience through which their stats can be leveled up.

The overall Pokémon gameplay mainly consists of base camp management by cooking dishes and attracting new kinds of Pokémon, going on expeditions to make progress in the game, and training their Pokémon to become the strongest of them all. Pokémon Quest features the same graphics as those used in Minecraft. The mechanics may be different, but both the games are more or less the same in terms of the overall user interface.

Pokémon Quest is an addictive and fun game which can be played by players of all ages, as long as they love Pokémon.

Pokémon Quest
Pokémon Quest is another great mobile Pokémon title. Download it for free and explore a mysterious fantasy island.
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