QWOP became a huge internet sensation a few years back and even now there is a lot of streamers dedicated to this game. QWOP is one of those games that is punishingly hard and will have you cursing, rage quitting and wondering why someone would even create a game like this…. and then you play it again!

How to Download QWOP

QWOP can be downloaded either from Google Play Store or App Store for a price or you can play it online for free in your browser of choice. And if you enjoy the game, check out another hit by the same author: Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy.

The Game Review

The story of QWOP is something that I find hilarious. It has a sports setting where a tiny little nation is having their first athlete, QWOP entering a competition. The problem is this tiny little nation had such a small talent pool to draw from the only athlete they could find can barely walk, let alone run the 100 meters dash!

The name QWOP comes from how you control the game. You control the athlete’s thighs and calves. Q and W control the thighs and O and P control the calves. It is the kind of thing that sounds very easy and you will wonder what all the fuss is about. QWOP though is a physics-based game and that is where the challenge lays.

The first few times that you play this game you will fall backward more times that you manage to take a step forward. It took me an age just to get 10 meters down the track and I had such a sense of accomplishment once I was able to do that. QWOP is a game of frustration, but at the same time, the premise is so simple that it makes you want to keep on trying.

Getting the right kind of rhythm and making your legs work properly is very hard. I really cannot stress enough how hard it is! You can watch some guy on YouTube do this a million times, but nothing actually prepares you for how hard this actually is. I can see some people playing this a couple of times and hating it so much that they swear to never play this game again.

This is something I really do get. QWOP is a game that is for stubborn people like me who refuse to quit. If that sounds like you then you will no doubt stick with the game until you at the very least get halfway down the track.

There really is not a whole lot to QWOP. I have spent most of my time with the standard version of the game. However, there was also a version of this game for the iPhone released which by all accounts is even more difficult than the version you play on your computer. I would go as far as to say that it looks downright impossible! There is even a multiplayer version where you can play with a buddy which looks really brutal.

I can see why QWOP is a game that really took off in the streaming world. It is a frustrating and soul-destroying experience of a game and one that will put you right over the edge. Still, for the right kind of person, this can be an addictive game. Mainly because you will not want the game to get the best of you and actually want to get him all the way to the end of the track.

QWOP is an action game in which you have to control a runner. Download it but be warned, it's not an easy task!
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QWOP Review Summary

  • The backstory of the game is fun
  • While frustrating, it is kind of addictive
  • There are different versions of the game out there
  • The idea is rather interesting
  • You do feel amazing when you make it down the track
  • A truly brutally frustrating experience
  • I can see some people flat out hating this game
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