A Bug’s Life

A Bug’s Life is a 3D action comedy film produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios. Released on 25th November 1998, the film is directed by John Lasseter and stars Dave Foley, Kevin Spacey, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the main voice cast. The story revolves around an ant colony that is led by the queen and her daughter named Princess Atta.

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The Film Review

Every season, the ants are forced to sacrifice a portion of their food to the grasshoppers in order to prevent them from raiding and taking over the colony. One day, after a young enthusiastic scientist ant named Flik accidentally ends up dropping the sacrifice into a stream, the grasshoppers become outraged and their leader, Hopper, demands that the next delivery of food should be doubled in quantity.

Despite being exiled by Princess Atta, Flik still manages to gather a group of circus bugs in order to get rid of the grasshopper dominancy once and for all. The film mainly focuses on Flik’s efforts as he plans to revolt against the grasshoppers and in turn, unite all the ants together to fight back with him.

Production for A Bug’s Life began shortly after the premiere of Toy Story in 1995. Pixar animators claimed that producing A Bug’s Life was much more challenging for them compared to Toy Story as the characters were much more detailed and complex in comparison to the processing computers which were relatively slower.

The animators mainly focused on character design for this particular film. They decided to make the ants appear likable and attractive, and for this purpose, in-depth research also took place as to how ants looked in real life. The designers changed the ants’ overall appearance and outlook by animating them with two legs and two arms instead of six.

On the contrary, the grasshoppers were made to look less appealing due to their villainous nature. Next came the development of the world from the perspective of an ant. According to Pixar’s official website, the creative team watched numerous bug cams footages, so they could get an idea as to how a tree or a particular flower looked like from their visions. Other locations that had to be animated included Ant Island, Bug City, the Circus, and Hopper’s hideout where, according to filmmakers, 400 crowd scenes were shot consisting of a number of ants ranging from 25 to 1000.

The film’s theme song was composed by Randy Newman. The soundtrack was produced and released by Walt Disney Records and later on, managed to win a Grammy Award for Best Instrumental Composition.

Overall, A Bug’s Life is a film that is considered one of the best of its time. The film is full of adventure and action topped with mild romance, making it the perfect film to watch with the family. The colors are rich, the storyline is sharp, and the voice cast is fantastic which makes it interesting and suitable to watch for both adults and children.

A Bug's Life
A Bug’s Life is the second Pixar animated movie. Its story is inspired by the classic Aesop’s fable The Ant and the Grasshopper. Download it now.
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