I am so glad that I made the effort to go and see Abigail in the theatre. I had heard about it, but when I watched the trailer and saw Giancarlo Esposito and Kathyrn Newton were in the movie so that was cool. I then found out that this was brought to us by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillet who made the amazing, Ready or Not which was released in 2019 and had Samara Weaving in it.

How to Download Abigail

Abigail was released on April 19, 2024. You can expect to be able to download or stream it from Peacock TV in about 45 days from this date. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and check the availability.

Movie Review: Abigail’s Unique Twist

The trailer gives away the fact that Abigail is a movie that is about a little girl who is a vampire! We have this group of kidnappers that kidnap a kid who is the daughter of a big-time crime boss and they are going to hold her for a huge ransom. They take the girl to a big-ass creepy house and Giancarlo Esposito tells them to sit tight, watch the girl and they will get the money in the morning.

Stellar Cast Elevates the Horror

The group leader is Mellissa Barrera’s Joey, but I guess you would have to say that none of these people are “good people” if you get what I am saying. The cast is great, I already mentioned Kathryn Newton who is becoming an absolute horror star in my opinion, but Dan Stevens, Will Catlett and Kevin “The Blob” Durand are all a lot of fun as well.

The Vampire Revelation

Of course, we all know the twist thanks to the trailer and that is the kid they have kidnapped is not a normal little girl… she is a ballerina star…. Oh, and she is also a vampire! This is such a fun premise, but you do have to wonder how epic a reveal this would have been had you not known going in that the kid was a vampire. I get that they had to show this as a way for people to have a reason to go and see this, but it would have been so epic if you found out while you were watching.

Action-Packed Conclusion

We end up with over 90 minutes of thrills, spills, and a lot of blood splatter! This is such a fun time, fun is honestly the only word that is needed to describe Abigail. It is a movie that I was sure I was going to enjoy before I watched it, but it was even better than I thought that it would be.

Outstanding Performances

To say that young Alisha Weir is amazing in the titular role is a massive understatement. The way that she manages to play the scared child to the bloodthirsty vampire who likes to play with her food is amazing. You can just tell that this very talented young lady had a fantastic time playing this role.

Another thing that this movie does really well is the cannon fodder human cast. Granted they may not be the best people, but they do make you care about them or at the very least be interested in them. The drama and tension that builds between these kidnappers as the movie goes on is very well done.

A Memorable Film Experience

I truly cannot say enough great things about Abigail and granted, there are many big movies still to come in 2024 like Deadpool 3 and the new Planet of the Apes. However, I am pretty confident in saying that Abigail is going to be on my Movies of the Year list. Truth be told, there was nothing about this movie I did not like and even though I just recently saw it, I would happily watch it again right now!

Abigail is a thrilling horror movie featuring a young vampire, blending intense action and drama in a creepy setting. Download it.
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Abigail Review Summary

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  • Abigail is one of the greatest movie vampires of all time
  • The movie has blood, violence, humor, and more!
  • This is a movie that is a blast from start to end
  • The young actress who plays Abigail is truly spectacular
  • It would have been great if they could have kept Abigail being a vampire a secret
  • Giancarlo Esposito was not in the movie as much as I would have liked, but he was still awesome
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