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One of the best decisions (TV show-wise) I ever made was not watching Breaking Bad when it first aired! The reason I say this is that I started the show after it had its initial run and I ended up binge-watching all five seasons over a couple of weeks on Netflix. While I am sure the show was awesome, week to week, for me it is one of the best shows I have ever binge-watched.

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To be honest with you, what more can I say about Breaking Bad that has not already been said? I just wanted to share my thoughts on this show as I recently watched it all again for the third time and it is all fresh in my mind. What I really think drives Breaking Bad are the fantastic characters.

Bryan Cranston plays Walter White, a high-school science teacher who has cancer and cannot afford his treatment. I am from the UK and am lucky to have the healthcare we have, this show made me realize how messed up the situation in the USA is, I do not mean that as a dig either, I truly feel for people in the states. He runs across a former student of his, Jesse who is played by Aaron Paul.

Jesse is a small-time player in the Albuquerque drug game and a bit of a loser in all honesty. Each time I have watched Breaking Bad I more and more like the character of Jesse. He is a screw-up, but he has a good heart and Aaron Paul’s performance is truly fantastic and worth all the acclaim he gets. Do not get me wrong, Bryan Cranston is great too, but I think Aaron Paul is just as good.

Anyway, due to his love and knowledge of science, Walter White is able to make the purest meth anyone has ever seen and he sees this as the way to pay for his cancer treatment. It kind of starts out small time and with “good” intentions, but things get out of hand pretty fast as their brand of meth becomes a massive sensation.

For me to tell you where it goes from here would not be ok. Breaking Bad is the kind of show where you will always want to watch just one more episode as it always keeps you hanging on. I remember the first time I watched this show, one night I stayed up till 3 AM! As Walter and Jesse eventually move up in the drug underworld and things really start to change.

They come across a local drug lord called Tuco and then they eventually come across a real drug kingpin in the form of Gus who is played by Giancarlo Esposito. I freaking love Gus, I am a huge fan of Giancarlo Esposito and think that he is one of the greatest “bad guy” actors of all time and this is his best role.

For much of the show, Walt and Jesse are at odds with Gus, but there is so much more going on in this world. One of the biggest forms of tension is that Walter’s brother, hank is a huge part of the DEA and is tasked with putting a stop to this meth! There is a run-in with a Mexican drug cartel and much more intense stuff going on, especially in regards to the relationship between Walt and Jesse.

Not to mention that as the series progresses, Walter goes from a timid science teacher trying to do right by his family, to a ruthless criminal who will do anything to get what he wants and stay at the top. I honestly cannot say enough good things about Breaking Bad! If for some crazy reason you have still not watched this show, what are you doing? Go and start it right now!

Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad is a fantastic TV series about a chemistry teacher and his student who enter the underworld of drug dealers. Download it now and have a great time watching it.
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