Neo-Western Movies



Yellowstone is one of those shows that I just could not get enough of when I started watching it. I am a huge fan of Tyler Sheridan with Hell or High Water and Wind River being two movies that I ...

No Country for Old Men


The Coen Brothers (check out also our review of their The Ballad of Buster Scruggs) are a phenomenal duo of directors who have made their arcs since the late eighties, and they have become household ...

Brokeback Mountain


There aren’t many filmmakers like Ang Lee out there, somehow this man manages to create films that will stay with you long after you’re done watching them. It doesn’t matter how good they are, or if ...

Breaking Bad


One of the best decisions (TV show-wise) I ever made was not watching Breaking Bad when it first aired! The reason I say this is that I started the show after it had its initial run and I ended up ...



Logan (2017) is one more X-Men movie with Wolverine as the main protagonist and It is, in fact, crazy to think that Hugh Jackman has been Wolverine for the better part of two decades. Even crazier is ...