Yellowstone is one of those shows that I just could not get enough of when I started watching it. I am a huge fan of Tyler Sheridan with Hell or High Water and Wind River being two movies that I loved, and I also liked his work as an actor, especially in Sons of Anarchy. When I heard that Yellowstone was going to be his next big project and that Kevin Costner was on board, I was all in!

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The Movie Review

Let me start by saying that Yellowstone is one of those shows where the fewer details you know about it the better it is going to be. The setting of the show is the amazing Yellowstone Dutton Rance in Montana. Yellowstone Ranch is the largest ranch in the USA and life here for the Dutton family is far from easy.

You see their borders are shared with the Broken Rock Indian Reservation, Yellowstone National Park, and even some greedy developers that want the land for themselves. This setting is truly amazing and I remember watching this with my wife and saying that I would love to go to Montana as it looks beautiful!

The Dutton family is led by John Dutton the 3rd who runs the ranch with his family. John Dutton is played by Kevin Costner and he is the ultimate modern cowboy. Kevin Costner is such a great actor and this is one of his best performances in years. I would not be shocked if his career gets a massive shot in the arm after the success of Yellowstone.

We learn pretty early on that John Dutton is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that his ranch stays the way it is. No spoilers here, but this place is as cutthroat as you can get and John Dutton is the most cutthroat of them all. I am not just talking about the tensions and violence with the neighboring Indian reservation, but the greedy politicians who are in the pockets of those that want to basically rip the land from The Dutton’s

What I thought was really cool about Yellowstone was that this is not a show where it is a clear case of “good guys vs bad guys”. There are many characters that walk the line between being good and bad in this show and I found that fascinating. Just when you think you have a character pegged, the show will throw a curveball at you and make you second-guess things.

This is absolutely thrilling TV and the kind of show where you will end up binge-watching multiple episodes. Now, that brings me to a point I want to make and that is the pacing. I think that Taylor Sheridan for the most part does a great job with the pacing, but there are a few instances where the momentum has the breaks slammed on way too hard and a couple of episodes (it seems like in each season) can be a bit slow.

That though to be honest is a bit of a nitpick as for the most part, the show is great. Yellowstone is a show that is very addictive. While the overarching stories are interesting, it is the characters that ultimately drive this show. You know, the more I think about it, the more I think that John Dutton may be the best role that I have seen Kevin Costner play! I will say once again that if you are interested in Yellowstone, read as little as you can about it before you watch it!

Yellowstone is neo-Western TV series that tells the story of owners of a ranch in Montana. Download it now and see what happened.
9.5 Total Score
Yellowstone Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • John Dutton is one very complex and interesting character
  • I loved the setting, this show looks gorgeous
  • There is some amazing action and drama!
  • You will get very connected to multiple characters in the show
  • A couple of the episodes fell a little flat if I am being critical
  • Some may not like seeing Kevin Costner do some of the stuff that he does in this show!
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