Cars on the Road

Cars on the Road was one of the big new additions to Disney+ for Disney Plus Day 2022. I have always got a kick out of the Cars series and this was a lot of fun. In many ways, it reminded me of the awesome Mater’s Tall Tales series that Disney put out a few years back.

How to Download Cars on the Road

You can download or stream the film from Disney+. Click on the Download button at the end of this review. Check out also our reviews of the previous films from the series – Cars, Cars 2, and Cars 3.

The Movie Review

The show takes place after Cars 3 and we find out that Mater not only has a sister but she is getting married. Mater’s sister lives all the way on the other side of the country so Mater and Lightning are taking a road trip to the wedding. Mater and Lightning have such great chemistry and it is so much fun to see them together like this.

Each episode is fun in its own way and each episode of the show features them getting closer to their destination, but stopping at various places along the way. There are nine episodes of Cars on the Road and each one lasts around 12 minutes so the show is not a huge commitment.

I like how each episode is its own contained thing but still moves the duo along to their goal. The episodes are pretty varied too, you have a more action-based episode where they are being chased by dinosaurs, a horror-themed episode where they are in a haunted house, and a musical-type episode where Mater hangs out with other trucks. This is just a small example of the fun variety you can expect from the show.

What really shocked me when we started that first episode of Cars on the Road was the way it looked. I loved Mater’s Tall Tales, but it looked nowhere near as good as the actual Cars movies, that is not the case here. It is very impressive what they were able to do here in terms of the way that the show looks.

When that first episode started, I said to my wife that it looked just as good as the Cars movies! They manage to keep this level of animation up for the entire series and it is one of the best-looking shows on Disney Plus. Off the top of my head, I cannot think of another animated show on Disney Plus that looks as close to an actual Pixar/Disney movie as this does.

They also managed to get the voice cast back from the movies. Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy reprise their roles as Lightning and Mater and they are just as much fun as always. I think that Mater at this point has to be one of the most iconic voices that Disney has. It was also fun hearing some of the other characters as well, especially in that first episode that starts in Radiator Springs.

I will admit that I was not expecting a great deal from Cars on the Road, but the show ended up being way better than I thought it would. This is just a fun show and it is fun for the entire family. If I am being 100 percent honest, I still think that I prefer Mater’s Tall Tales, but this was still a fun watch, plus it looks fantastic too!

Cars on the Road
Cars on the Road is an animated TV series that takes place after the 2017 film Cars 3. Download or stream it now and have a good time.
8.5 Total Score
Cars on the Road Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • This is the best-looking animated Disney Plus show
  • Lighting and Mater have the best chemistry!
  • Each episode had the two getting into a fun situation
  • Owen Wilson and Larry the Cable Guy are as awesome as always
  • If you do not like Cars, this is not going to change your mind
  • I did enjoy the show, but I thought that Mater’s Tall Tales was more fun
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