Child’s Play 3

Child’s Play 3 would be the last Chucky movie for several years and the last movie to have the name Child’s Play 3 for over two decades! Released in 1991, just a year after Child’s Play 2, this is a movie that I still have a lot of fun with. I remember seeing posters for this in the video store just before it was released and a friend of mine had an older brother that was kind enough to rent the movie for us as we were all too young!

How to Download Child’s Play 3

Child’s Play 3 was released on August 30, 1991. You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. Also, read our review of the original 1988 movie.

The Movie Review

A Closer Look at Child’s Play 3’s Plot Twists

While I always say that Child’s Play 2 is my favorite, 3 is a very close second. We get a time jump here as Andy is now 16 years old. The factory that saw Chucky killed in the last movie has been reopened and some of his blood gets into the plastic and this is how Chucky comes back.

Iconic Scenes and Character Development

Child’s Play 3 has one of the most satisfying kills in the entire franchise. Chucky of course wants to find out where Andy is so that he can get his body. The CEO of the company that makes Good Guy Dolls is an absolute asshole and it is awesome to see Chucky torture this jerk! Plus, we get a great Chucky one-liner as he reminds us not to “f**k with the Chuck.”

The Unforgettable Setting: Kent Military School

The thing with this is that this was not just a random killing. Chucky did this so he could get access to this guy’s files and find out where Andy is, turns out Andy has been enrolled in military school after failing to settle at any of his foster homes. The Commandant in charge says he knows about Andy’s past and warns him about causing trouble.

Kent Military School is a great setting for the movie and Andy makes friends with his roommate Whitehurst and has a love interest in the feisty and cool De Silva not to mention a plucky 8-year-old kid called Tyler. The other main character is this sadistic guy called Col. Sheldon who tortures the recruits.

The New Face of Evil: Chucky’s Latest Scheme

Chucky makes his way to the school to get Andy, but he is intercepted by Tyler. Turns out that as this is a new body, Chucky does not need Andy anymore and he tries to take Tyler’s body. It is kind of funny the way that Chucky keeps getting interrupted and Tyler testing his patience by trying to play hide and seek and telling Chucky to stop swearing always makes me laugh.

Child’s Play 3’s Climactic Finale: A Deadly Game

Of course, Andy figures out what is going on and he tries to save Tyler and stop Chucky. Child’s Play 3 has an awesome third act where their annual war games match is turned deadly as Chucky replaces the paintballs with live rounds. It is pretty gruesome and brutal stuff here, but it makes for a fantastic ending to the movie.

Reflecting on the Legacy of Child’s Play 3

I really do enjoy Child’s Play 3 and more often than not if I am in a Chucky mood if I am not just watching them all, it is either just 2 or 2 and 3 back to back. It is a great follow up and to be honest it did serve as a great ending to the series for a few years. While 2 will always be my favorite, this one does come quite close.

Child's Play 3
Child's Play 3 is a thrilling horror sequel that features Chucky's return, targeting Andy in military school. Download it now and see what happened.
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Child's Play 3 Review Summary

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  • Chucky has some funny one liners and epic kills in this movie
  • I liked De Silva and Whitehurst
  • Seeing that jerk CEO get killed was awesome!
  • I thought the final act with the war games was great
  • Tyler is kind of annoying
  • A little bit more Chucky swearing and doing crazy stuff would not have hurt
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