Christopher Robin

Christopher Robin is a fantasy comedy-drama film produced and distributed by Walt Disney Studios and based on the famous Winnie-the-Pooh stories of A. A. Milne. The film is a live-action extension of the Disney franchise with the same name and was released on 3rd August 2018. The movie is directed by Marc Forster and features a cast consisting of Ewan McGregor, Hayley Atwell, Jim Cummings, and Brad Garrett.

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The Film Review

Christopher Robin follows the story of a young boy of that name who is about to leave for boarding school. Despite promising his friends – Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, Eeyore, Kanga, Roo, Owl, and Rabbit – that he won’t forget them, Christopher matures at a young age and becomes too busy in his life after the death of his father and forming a family of his own including a daughter named Madeline.

Christopher grows up to become an efficiency expert at Winslow Luggages. All seems to be going smoothly until the owner’s son Giles Winslow Jr. tells him to cut off expenditures by firing employees. The stress forces Christopher to cancel his family vacation to his countryside cottage in Sussex. Meanwhile, Pooh wakes up and travels through Christopher’s door which leads him to London right outside his house.

The two meet and take a trip down memory lane but Christopher quickly becomes annoyed with Pooh’s petty issues. The two enter Hundred Acre Wood where Robin reunites with all his friends and apologizes to Pooh for his behavior. The next day, Christopher rushes back to his workplace where he has to present but Tigger accidentally removes all the paperwork from his suitcase when he was drying it.

Pooh and the gang, joined by Madeline, travel to Christopher’s workplace but only to find out that Tigger had lost the paperwork. Christopher comes up with a unique solution as well as complains to the owner Winslow Sr. about how his son is incompetent. Winslow Sr. agrees to Christopher’s plan and the old friends finally get to sit together once again in peace as they stare at the sunset in Hundred Acre Wood.

Christopher Robin The main companies involved in the production of the film consisted of Framestore and Method Studios. The team was led by the very talented and experienced Chris Lawrence along with his animation supervisor, Michael Eames. The filmmakers have done a wonderful job of keeping the animation simple and respectful. Although most of the characters seem relatively less emotional compared to the traditional cartoon films, the overall looks still have plenty of variety based on each character’s personality.

To compose the main score of this film, Johann Johansson was contacted and hired shortly before his death on 9th February 2018. Klaus Badelt took over the musical responsibilities and the film itself was dedicated to Johann’s memory.

The film, so far, has just managed to perform average at the box office. With complaints from fans regarding the animation of the characters, it seems that the film has not equaled the animated Disney Adaptations in terms of both graphics, and storyline. Regardless, the film is entertaining and brings back nostalgic memories for adults, whereas creating new bright ones for young children.

Christopher Robin
Christopher Robin is a live action Disney movie which features computer generated animals from the Famous Winnie the Pooh universe. Download it now and have fun.
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