Coco is a 3D animated family-comedy film which was released by Pixar Studios on October 27th, 2017. Coco brings us the story of a young boy named Miguel who dreams of becoming a renowned musician one day like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz. Miguel, despite having a ban on taking part in any sort of activities related to music, steals Ernesto’s legendary guitar and goes to take part in a talent show at a festival dedicated to the dead. Little did he know that this talent show would embark him on a journey that would reveal many things about his great-great-grandfather as well as his family traditions.

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The Film Review

Coco features some of the most talented voice actors in the industry including Gael Garcia, Anthony Gonzalez, Benjamin Pratt, Renee Victor, and Ana Ofelia Murguia. The film majorly revolves around Miguel’s journey as he gets to discover many hidden details about his family and a big revelation related to his great-great-grandfather which also involves Ernesto.

The movie is considered to be one of the best animated films released in 2017, mainly because of how it contains the right amount of diversity and tolerance. Coco is the first ever animated motion picture which has spent a nine-figure budget to feature the Latino cast. The film itself is a story based on a Mexican tradition. The film also focuses on two major themes: The importance of family in one’s life and the power of music. The viewers notice how the two themes are connected to one another as the story develops, particularly at the end of the film when Miguel’s dead ancestor tells him the importance of family and how their love is unconditional by all means.

As far as music is concerned, the film portrays music as a source of comfort and positivity as we get to see how Coco – Miguel’s great grandmother – clearly enjoys singing with Miguel which is also a form of healing.

Being a film that focuses on the power of music, Coco, overall, is full of original terrific tunes.  The film’s music which includes Remember Me by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopes and Proud Corazon co-written by Adrian Molina gives life to the plot of the film. Director Lee Unkrich, who had previously directed Toy Story 3, perfectly aligns the music accordingly with different scenes to make the movie seem more interesting and emotional especially for the young audience. At the 75th Golden Globe awards, Remember Me was nominated for the Best Original Song. At the 90th Academy Awards, Remember me managed to win the Best Original Song award and Coco was also declared the best-animated film of 2017.

Despite all the praises, the film has still been criticized partially by some of the viewers, claiming that some of the dialogues in the film were unnecessary and the jokes had no real punchline to make the audience laugh. Critics have also argued that Pixar has applied similar plots in its previous films.

Overall, Coco is a film that takes its viewers through an emotional roller coaster ride. The atmosphere that the film creates is beautiful and serene, and the storytelling is beyond fantastic. The film is an emotional journey filled with joy and sorrow at the same time which keeps its viewers hooked to their screens.

Coco is an animated full motion movie in which a twelve years old boy dreams of pursuing musical career. Download the movie and see what magic happened.
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