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Cartoon Network had a golden age of shows that consisted of stuff like Regular Show, Adventure Time, Clarence, and even Uncle Grandpa. For me, the last few years have been a real decline in quality when it comes to Cartoon Network shows, but there have been a few gems that bridge the gap between what I consider the golden age and what we have now, Craig of the Creek is one of those shows!

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Craig of the Creek – the Review

I would say that Craig of the Creek and We Bare Bears are the two shows over the last few years (and maybe We Baby Bears too) that I feel fit in with shows like Regular Show, Adventure Time, and Clarence. Craig of the Creek is one of the best shows for showing what it is or was like to play outside with your friends when you were a kid.

It is the kind of show that a kid now can like and relate to and an old dude like myself can have fun with and reminisce with. The show is about a kid called Craig that lives with his younger sister Jessica, older brother Bernard, mother Nicole, and his dad, Duane. Duane is in the running for best dad from an animated show ever!

I am not sure if it is because I am a father myself, but the relationship between Craig and Duane is a major highlight of the show for me and something that is funny and also quite moving in certain episodes as well. The episode where they play a fighting game together is just so much fun and something that I did relate to.

However, as important as Craig’s family is, this show is about Craig and his adventures down at the creek. Craig is joined by his two best friends, Kelsey who is brave, strong, and has a bet bird that goes with her everywhere, and PJ, a loveable, but not the sharpest tool in the shed kind of kid that is just the best friend you could want.

The creek where the kids play after school and during school holidays is a very special place. The creek is split up into different areas with different groups of kids having their own special rules and customs. It is fun stuff and seeing the way that Craig and his friends try and navigate the different groups is very cool stuff.

I think that Craig of the Creek does a great job of really building up the lore of the creek and the different kids that play there throughout the show. There is an arc in the show called  Capture the flag war that is spread out over several episodes and is a major part of the show’s lore.

I also want to give the people behind Craig of the Creek a huge amount of credit for the diversity in the show. This show has strong and positive LGBTQ representation, but it does not feel forced or like it is there for the sake of diversity. It is all done in a natural way and I think that is great, especially for younger kids to see.

Craig of the Creek is such a great show and I am glad that it is still going. As I write this, Cartoon Network has a Craig of the Creek movie in the works and I am very excited to see how it plays out. There are not many shows that capture the magic of playing as a kid as well as this one here does, in some ways, it reminds me of a more polished version of the All Grown Up Rugrats spin-off show from the early 00s.

Craig of the Creek
Craig of the Creek is an animated TV series that spans five seasons and 162 episodes. Download it now and watch the adventures of kids from Maryland.
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Craig of the Creek Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • The family dynamic here is done so well
  • I love the relationship between Craig, PJ, and Kelsey
  • It reminds you of how much fun it was to play outside as a kid
  • It has some of the best LGBTQ representation of any kid's show
  • So far there have only been a few DVD releases, I want this in HD!
  • I have to say that more often than not Craig’s brother is a jerk!
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