Creed III

I remember when I first heard about Creed… I was like why? I grew up loving the Rocky movies and it just felt so unnecessary to me. Well, I watched the first movie, loved it, watched the second movie, loved it and I knew Creed III was going to be something I had to make the effort to see in the theatre.

How to Download Creed III

Sometime after its theatrical release (that happened on 3 March 2023), you should be able to download or stream the film from Prime Video because Amazon owns MGM. Click on the Download button at the end of this review to check the current availability

The Movie Review

There are two interesting things about Creed III that I want to talk about before I dive into the actual movie. First of all, this is the directorial debut for Michael. B Jordan and he does a fantastic job. Also, this is the first movie in the Rocky/Creed saga to not feature Rocky Balboa! When I heard this was the case I was a little unsure if it was the right call, however, I can tell you it 100 percent was the right call.

Creed III is certainly part of the Rocky universe and features nods and callbacks to it along with the previous Creed movies. However, Creed III stands on its own and is not in the shadow of the Rocky movies or the character of Rocky Balboa at all. If this is the end of the Creed story, it was a very fitting way to do it.

The story of the movie is that Donnie is now retired and wants to dedicate his time to his wife and daughter. As well as being a dedicated family man, Donnie has also set up a gym and he is looking after the world boxing champ, Felix Chavez. He has a great life and is happy and enjoying the spoils that have come from all the hard work that he did.

One day, Donnie runs into a man from his past Dame. Dame and Donnie grew up together, something went down and Dame ended up in jail for a very long time, but now he is out. Dame is played by Johnathon Majors and he is crazily jacked and such an intimidating dude, but you can also tell that there is more going on with him than he lets on.

Donnie feels like he owes Dame and tries to help him out. No spoilers here, but you know where this is going, Dame basically turns on Donnie and it results in the two of them coming to blows and Donnie coming out of retirement. It is a classic “Rocky” style story, but it is done so well that you get completely sucked into it.

Donnie and Dame have incredible chemistry and you can totally put yourself in the shoes of Donnie as he tries to help his friend, but also have to take a stand against him as well. Michael B Jordan does a great job with the way he showcases the boxing matches in this movie, it is like all the attention is focused on the fighters and it makes for a very cool effect that makes you feel like you are in the ring with them.

If you liked the Rocky movies and the two previous Creed movies, you will like this. Creed III is such an entertaining movie that I know for sure this will be a day-one purchase and rewatch when it comes out on Blu-Ray. Do not miss out on this one, make the effort to go and see it in the theatre!

Creed III
Creed III is a sports drama film. Download it and see what happened to the boxing champion Adonis "Donnie" Creed this time.
8.5 Total Score
Creed III Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • It feels like a classic Rocky/Creed story
  • Michael B Jordan and Johnathon Majors are great together
  • The fight scenes in this movie are fantastic
  • This would serve as a great way to bring the Creed saga to a close
  • The movie does have a couple of pacing issues, I would have liked to know more about some stuff
  • At the same time, there were some parts that I felt were a bit “overexplained”
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