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Cult of Chucky is the seventh movie in the saga and like Curse of Chucky, it was a straight-to-DVD release. There is a lot of stuff that I like here with Cult of Chucky, but like Curse of Chucky, I feel it is a rather unbalanced movie. There is also a lot of stuff that I think causes the movie to drag a little bit.

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The Movie Review

Analyzing Cult of Chucky’s Plot

What we have here with Cult of Chucky is a direct sequel to Curse of Chucky. Nica was framed by Chucky for the murders of her family and she is sent to a psychiatric hospital. Nica has been convinced that Chucky was not real and that it was she who committed these horrific crimes.

The Return of Andy Barclay

However, we also have Andy Barclay back. It is so awesome how they got an adult Alex Vincent to reprise this role after so many years. Andy has been torturing the head of Chucky for the last few years, but he finds out about Nica and her run in with Chucky and heads to the Psychiatric hospital.

Chucky’s New Abilities

The twist in Cult of Chucky is that Chucky learned a new trick. Chucky is able to put his soul/consciousness or whatever you want to call it into multiple bodies at once. I thought this was quite clever and the way they explained it had a bit of that classic Chucky humor before it went too over the top with Bride and Seed of Chucky.

Character Dynamics and Development

The stuff with Nica, Andy, and Chucky here is great. However, the other characters never did anything for me. Nica’s doctor is a real piece of dirt and that was a good twist. However, the other people in the hospital, especially the one who treats Chucky like he is her baby did nothing for me at all and I cared very little about them.

Memorable Scenes in Cult of Chucky

There are some great scenes in Cult of Chucky. Andy getting revenge on Chucky and Nica trying to kill herself, only for Chucky to not allow it are the scenes that spring to mind. However, for all the cool stuff and interesting lore building stuff that happens, Cult of Chucky has some very stuff that did not click with me all that well.

Questions and Continuity Issues

Now as I write this, I have still not watched the Chucky TV show so this might be explained there. However, how the heck is Tiffany still alive in Cult of Chucky when it comes several years after Bride of Chucky? Hey, I am always down for some Jennifer Tilly and as I said, it may be explained in the TV show. However, it was more like a “huh” shock than it should have been, especially as she turned out to be a key character.

Setting and Tone Comparison

Like Curse of Chucky, Cult of Chucky takes place in mostly one area. It is an interesting contrast, the house in Curse was dark, but the hospital here is bright. Also, I do feel like they leaned a little more into the comedic side of Chucky here, it never goes as far as Bride or Seed, but Chucky does have a bit more of his foul mouthed psychotic charm here.


I like this movie, but it never clicked with me the same way that Curse of Chucky did. I think that they did some good lore building here and once season 3 of Chucky ends, I am going to binge it all, and from what I have heard, that builds upon this. On my official Chucky/Child’s Playlist, Cult of Chucky comes in at number 7, but even though it is low on my list, I still enjoy it.

Cult of Chucky
Cult of Chucky is a horror sequel where the infamous doll possesses multiple bodies, causing chaos in a psychiatric hospital. Download it now.
7.5 Total Score
Cult of Chucky Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • The stuff with Andy is kind of cool
  • The whole multiple Chucky thing was fun
  • The suicide scene with Nica is dark and awesome
  • It is cool the way they flesh out the Chucky lore here
  • Outside of the main characters, I could not care less about the other characters in the movie
  • I love Jennifer Tilly, but Tiffany being alive in this movie is a real headscratcher
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