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Released in 2016, Don’t Breathe has Sam Raimi’s fingerprints all over it and that was what originally got me interested in the movie. Written and directed by Fede Alverez who was responsible for the 2013 Evil Dead reboot, it is a truly thrilling, edge of your seat kind of movie.

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One of the things that got me excited about this movie before it was released was all the talk of them wanting to do something like Evil Dead, but without the supernatural elements. I think that they more than succeeded with this as Don’t Breathe is a movie that really does have you holding your breath in anticipation as the events unfold.

The movie is about this group of no-good youngsters called, Rocky, Alex, and Money. They make a “living” by stealing and then selling the stuff that they sell. Rocky wants to leave this life behind and go live with her sister in California. However, the trio gets word of a huge score that could give them the money they all need to start a new life.

On paper, this score sounds very simple. There is a war veteran who lives in a really run-down area that supposedly has 300 grand in a safe. They stake out the guy’s house and realize he is blind. This supposed easy score just got even easier right? Well not exactly as they did not really know who they were dealing with here.

They decide to break into this guy’s house, get the money and as he is blind get out before he even knows they were there. Well, this blind guy is called, Norman Nordstrom and he is about as much of a badass as you can get and he has a very, very dark past. His child was killed in a hit and run many years ago and that money he has is the settlement he got.

It does not take long for this easy score to go horribly wrong. What I love about Don’t Breathe is that you think it is a home invasion movie gone wrong, but it is far more than that. Things soon take a very dark twist and you learn that this lonely old blind guy that is the “victim” is actually anything but a victim.

The actual house in this movie is like a character in itself! It is hard to explain, but the whole area that the movie is set in has so much character and personality. The production designers of this movie truly did an amazing job. Oh, and then there is the brutal violence that this movie has!

I consider myself pretty tough, but man, did this movie make me wince and look away more than once. I am not exaggerating when I say that Don’t Breathe has you on the edge of your seat. You never know what is going to happen and the tables turn and you do not actually know how to feel about any of the characters.

I will say that this is a movie that is best the first time you watch it. I have seen it a few times and enjoyed my repeat viewings, but nothing compares to that initial shock you get from watching this. If for some reason you have still not checked this one out, I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Don't Breathe
Don't Breathe is a successful 2016 thriller movie in which a group of young thieves breaks into the house of a blind man. Download it now.
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