Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow is an awesome sci-fi action movie starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. This is a real favorite of mine and a movie I have watched several times. It is the kind of movie that I end up watching if I cannot find anything to watch and I want something cool, and fun, but easy to watch too.

How to Download Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow was released on June 6, 2014, You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. For more Emily Blunt films, check out our reviews of A Quiet Place Part II, Jungle Cruise, and Oppenheimer. Tom Cruise’s fans should watch him in Minority Report, Top Gun: Maverick, or Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One.

The Movie Review

One thing I have to say about Edge of Tomorrow is the way they marketed this when it was released was strange. I knew more than a few people who had no idea if this movie was called Edge of Tomorrow or Live Die Repeat or both together, one friend even thinking they were separate movies. It was a strange way to name a movie, but these days it is just referred to as Edge of Tomorrow.

Alien Invasion and the United Defense Force

The movie is about an alien invasion. A meteorite lands in Europe and over the course of a few years this alien race known as Mimics has taken over most of Europe! The United Defense Force was formed to try and fight this alien threat and thanks to their new exo-suits, they now have a fighting chance.

Bill Cage’s Transformation

Tom Cruise plays the role of a man called Bill Cage and he is a public affairs officer who gets into trouble with General Brigham who despite Cage having no combat training is demoted by Brigham and is made part of J-Squad. A squad that is heading off on an invasion to try and take the fight to the Mimics.

Time-Looping and Rita Vrataski

This invasion as you would expect could not have gone any worse with The Mimics seeming like they knew it was coming. Well, Cage is killed, but he ends up with alien blood all over him which gives him the ability to reset time. Cage wakes up before he has been shipped off to be part of this invasion, but no one believes him when he tells them that the invasion will fail.

Cage gets more and more skilled with each time he loops and this is noticed by Sergeant Rita Vrataski, played by Emily Blunt. Vrataski is a powerful warrior, responsible for many Mimic deaths, but she had the same ability Cage now has, so she works with him to become faster, stronger, and better on the battlefield until they know a way to defeat the Mimics for good.

80s Action Vibes and Stellar Cast

It is just awesome stuff and in many ways, Edge of Tomorrow has a real 80s action movie vibe about it which I love. Speaking of 80s action movies, Bill Paxton being in this movie was something that I got a huge kick out of. I also think that Brenden Gleeson as the jerk General was very well cast too.

Impressive Special Effects and High Stakes

The special effects are great and I thought that the design and the premise of The Mimics was very cool. The movie has great pacing too and even though you may think Cage’s ability to just keep looping when he dies makes him immortal, it is not as simple as that at all and the stakes feel incredibly high, not just from The Mimics, but the United Defense Force who are in his way too.

The 4K Experience

I love Edge of Tomorrow! I thought it was fun when I saw it in the theatre, but it is a movie that I have grown to appreciate more and more over the years. I will say that the 4K of Edge of Tomorrow looks amazing! However, it is the sound on the 4K release that is incredible, the Dolby Atmos here is stunning and adds even more awesomeness to this epic action movie!

Edge of Tomorrow
9.5 Total Score
Edge of Tomorrow Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt are great together
  • This is a fun, badass sci-fi action movie
  • It has some very well done special effects
  • The Dolby Atmos the 4K has is truly outstanding!
  • I would love a sequel, but I doubt we will ever get one
  • There is nothing about this movie that I dislike!
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