Fallout (TV series)

I thought the Fallout series was going to be good, but it completely blew my expectations out of the water. I have played Fallout 3, New Vegas, and Fallout 4, but I would not say that I am a huge die-hard fan. Hey, I enjoyed the games enough and would certainly say that they are good, but I never got fully into the series like many other people did.

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The TV Series Review

Capturing the Fallout Atmosphere

Still, after that first trailer for Fallout dropped, I was very impressed and thought that they captured the look, feel, and tone of the show very well. It took me a little while to get around to watching the show, but as I write this, I just finished the eighth and final episode and I honestly think this is up there with the best Amazon Prime originals.

Appeal Beyond the Games

The thing with the Fallout TV show is that you do not need to be a fan or even have played the games to like this. My father-in-law watched this, loved it, and had no idea that it was even based on a video game series! It stands on its own as a great show, but for those who are fans of the games, there are so many elements that have been captured so well that you will have a smile on your face and get a kick out of it all!

An Engaging Setting and Story

Fallout takes place in an alternate timeline where things went a little differently after the Second World War. Mankind lives in a kind of 50s-inspired retro future if that makes sense. It is basically the “Fallout style” and the show could not capture it any better. There was a devastating nuclear attack in 2077 and that is when the world changed.

Vault Dwellers and the Outside World

Different groups of people managed to survive underground in vaults. Our main character, Lucy is a vault dweller from Vault 33! Lucy is such a likable character, she is brave, strong, and best of all, she has a good heart and wants to do what is right as that is the way she was raised in the vault.

Her vault is invaded and her father is kidnapped. This leads Lucy to brave the outside world to try and get her kidnapped father back. That first episode which sets all of this up is so well done and I think that you will know right from that first episode if Fallout is a show for you or if it is not.

Meet the Characters

Lucy is not our only main character. Maximus is a soldier who is part of the Brotherhood of Steel. The Brotherhood of Steel have a thing for old tech that they can use. I love the Brotherhood of Steal and their Power Armor. Maximus has a hero’s heart, but the show does a good job of keeping you guessing about him when he is first introduced.

Lucy and Maximus do meet up quite early. However, my favorite character has to be The Ghoul. The Ghoul is a man who used to be called Copper Howard, a famous cowboy actor who was not able to get away from the initial nuclear blast, thus mutating him into the Ghoul. He is like an old west gunslinging mercenary and he is awesome!

Action, Drama, and Stunning Visuals

Fallout right from the start keeps you hooked. There is a lot of character development and you do care about our main cast. However, there are also some amazing action scenes as well, one thing about Amazon Prime originals is that they do not cheap out! Fallout looks amazing, it is hard to tell what is CG and what is practical, the sets they built are great and look like they took the plans from the video games and just made them in real life.

Final Thoughts

Fallout the TV show completely surpassed my expectations and my expectations were pretty damn high! It is a drama, it is sci-fi and it is even a bit of action as well, it has so many elements that all add up to make it a very special show. It ends on a huge cliffhanger as well which has me very excited as Amazon has confirmed that a season 2 is coming. I know 10/10 may seem high, but there was legit not a single aspect of this show that I did not like!

Fallout (TV series)
Fallout is a TV series set in a post-apocalyptic world where vault dwellers, led by Lucy, navigate a dangerous landscape to survive. Download it now.
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Fallout (TV series) Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • This captures the look and feel of the games so well
  • You do not need to have any experience of the games to like this
  • The show looks and sounds amazing
  • It has many interesting characters that you care about
  • Season 2 is coming, but not coming soon enough for me!
  • I really do hope that Amazon make a physical release of this
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