Fleishman Is in Trouble

Fleishman Is in Trouble is a show that here in the UK aired on Disney Plus, but in other regions, FX and Hulu were where it called home. This is a drama that is based on a book of the same name, a book that after watching the show, I kind of want to read. It has a solid cast and was the kind of show that was fun to binge-watch.

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We really do have a great cast here. There are four main characters in Jessie Eisenberg (The Village, The Social Network, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) as Toby Fleishman, a doctor who has just separated from his wife, acting agent, Rachel played by Claire Danes (she played Kate Brewster in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines). We also have Lizzie Caplan as Libby and Adam Brody as Seth, Toby’s friends who try to guide him through his newly single life.

Toby is actually having a rather interesting time being single for the first time in years. Toby has discovered the wonders of dating in the modern age and is getting action on a regular basis! At a glance, it seems like Toby is living the newly divorced dream! However, things soon take a turn.

Toby awakens in his apartment to find that his two kids, Hannah and Solly have been dropped off by his wife in the middle of the night! Toby is confused and angry about this, but he cannot get hold of Claire and the premise of the show is that she has disappeared.

We have Toby now with his life in a complete spin. He is not only coming to terms with his divorce, but he also has to be there for his kids and there is the mystery of what the hell happened to Rachel! You can see him spiraling, but at the same time, it is like he is trying to keep it all together.

I found the way that Fleishman Is in Trouble was presented to be very interesting. We get a narration from Libby and we mainly see things from Toby’s point of view and at first, I hated Rachel. I thought she was selfish and legit felt that Toby and the kids would be better off without her in their lives.

Yet, the show progresses and opens up more and Rachel is revealed to be a far more complex character. Also, we discover that Toby is not this super nice guy that we may have thought he was either. It is a great take on showing a modern relationship and how it can go wrong.

As well as the stuff with Toby and Rachel, Libby and Seth are also great characters. Libby is having a hard time with her life and trying to figure out if she has what she wants and Seth is trying to find someone to settle down with. They are great characters and their stories are just as interesting as the stuff with Toby and Rachel.

I want to give a special mention to the two young actors playing Hannah and Solly. Meara Mahoney Gross and Maxim Jasper Swinton are two very talented young actors that make you truly care about them. Honesty, including the two kids, all of the main cast get you invested in their problems.

The wife and I thought that Fleishman Is In Trouble was a fantastic show. It was such a great way to show a relationship breakdown and also add a bit of mystery to things as well. It is not all that it seems and while I do wish that there was a bit more of a definitive ending, it was a show that entertained me from the first episode to the very last.

Fleishman Is in Trouble
Fleishman Is in Trouble is a TV miniseries drama based on a book written by American author Taffy Brodesser-Akner (1975/1976). Download it now.
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Fleishman Is in Trouble Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • The way the story is told is great and makes you change your mind about things
  • This has just an incredible main cast
  • You care about all of the characters and get invested in their stories
  • The show has great pacing that makes you want to go from one episode to the next
  • From what I understand there is only one book so I guess there will be no second season
  • I wish the ending gave us a more definitive answer to what happened between the main characters
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