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Written and directed by the very talented Jordan Peele, Get Out was one of the surprise hits of 2017. I can hand on heart say that when it comes to horror/thriller movies I have never been let down by Blumhouse and Get Out is one of their most edge-of-your-seat and what-the heck-is-going-on type of movies yet.

How to Download Get Out

You can download the movie from iTunes and it is available in 4K and HD. To start downloading, click on the button below the review. And if you like horror movies check out also The Nun, It, and Insidious: The Last Key.

The Film Review

Spoilers Ahead

I am actually going to try and review this movie without spoiling it, but I want to give a spoiler warning just in case.

At the start of the movie, everything is pretty typical. We have our two main characters, Chris who is played by Daniel Kaluuya and his girlfriend, Rose who is played by Allison Williams. Chris is black and Rose is white and they are on their way to meet her parents. This is the first time Chris is meeting them and understandably he is nervous. Not just because her family is white, but meeting the parents is always a scary experience!

Once they arrive at the house, Rose’s mom and dad make some very off-putting comments about black people. They live on a very large property and they have black people working for them. This, of course, is rather unsettling to Chris, but Rose tries to get him to just put it past him and tells him things will be fine.

One of the creepiest parts of the movie is when Chris cannot sleep, he goes outside to have a cigarette and sees one of the workers running around the estate. He is caught by Rose’s mom and she tells him that she is a hypnotherapist and she can make him no longer want to smoke….. this goes wrong very fast and the movie takes a very strange turn.

The next day there is a party at the property and all of the guests are wealthy and white. They make very strange comments to Chris that are complementary, but also things that you just do not really say to people. It is very unsettling and the movie really does a great job in making you feel like something is going wrong. Daniel Kaluuya does such a great job in trying to be polite and also looking disturbed at the same time.

I really do not want to spoil what the twist here is. However, you feel like it is going to turn out that Rose and her family are all racists and that they are going to kill Chris and he has to “Get Out” to save himself. That is only the tip of the iceberg and the twist for what this family is really doing comes out of nowhere and it is something that shocked me and I would never have guessed in a million years.

Get Out is a movie that is a thrill ride from the very start. As soon as Chris arrives at that house, you know something is wrong and you are just yelling at the screen for him to turn and run. At the same time though, you never really know what the deal is and then when the movie hits you with what is really going on your jaw is on the floor.

For me, the proof that Get Out is such a great movie is the way that when you talk about it, you do not want to say too much as you do not want to spoil it for someone. I highly recommend that you go and check this movie out, I promise you, Get Out is a great time and a movie that you will be thinking about days after you have watched it.

Get Out
Get Out is a horror movie. Download it and see what happened to the black photographer Chris Washington.
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