The Nun

The Nun is a supernatural horror film produced by New Line Cinema, Atomic Monster Productions, and The Safran Company. The film is a spin-off of The Conjuring 2 and is the fifth installment to The Conjuring Universe. Released on 4th September 2018, the film is directed by Corin Hardy as it features a cast consisting of Taissa Farmiga, Demián Bichir and Jonas Bloquet.

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The Film Review

The Plot

The Nun is set in the timeline of 1952 Romania where two nuns living at the Cârța Monastery are attacked by a demon-like nun. One of the nuns instantly dies, while the remaining Sister Victoria manages to escape only to hang herself from the window.

Frenchie, a man from the village discovers Victoria’s body whereas, the Vatican dispatches Father Burke and Sister Irene – who is in his novitiate – to investigate the scene.

The duo visits the Monastery where they encounter the abbess who tells them that the nuns have been praying constantly in order to keep the demonic evil at bay.

The two then stay at a nearby abbey where Father Burke reveals how he regrets the death of a boy named Daniel which was caused by his exorcism.

That same night, the demon attacks both Burke and Irene but they manage to escape. The next day, one of the nuns reveal to Irene how the demon came into being after a Duke summoned it.

Burke finds out that the demon is named Valak and that it was sealed in a rift within the catacombs by a relic which contained Jesus Christ’s blood. Burke also finds out that the abbess is dead, and that Sister Victoria was the last remaining nun in the monastery.

Meanwhile, Irene is attacked by Valak whereas Burke is terrorized by a ghost of Daniel but is saved by Frenchie who comes just in time to shoot down the possessed corpse. After some intense struggle, the trio manage to seal Valak after Irene spills Jesus Christ’s blood on its face, thereby banishing it.

Frenchie reveals his real name is Maurice and that he is partially possessed by Valak. 20 years later, Carolyn Perron watches as Ed and Lorraine Warren show them footage of their attempt to exorcise a fully possessed Maurice.

The Nun: the Production of the Movie

Five days after releasing The Conjuring 2, it was announced by Warner Bros. Pictures and New Line Cinema that a spin-off was already in the making. Director Corin Hardy revealed that he did not want to cast Taissa Farmiga however, his opinion about her changed after listening to her audition. Hardy claimed that he had watched her audition over a hundred times due to her phenomenal performance.

The Score

Abel Korzeniowski, a Polish musician, was chosen to compose the original musical score for the film. It was released on 31st August 2018 by WaterTower Music.

The Bottom Line

Overall, The Nun has been received with mixed reviews. Although the cast has done an absolutely amazing job throughout the sequence, the film has been harshly criticized for its overuse of jump-scares. Furthermore, the plot itself is relatively weak for the franchise’s standards. Nevertheless, The Nun has so far managed to gain a revenue of over $53 million in only the first week since its release. Thus the movie has become an instant hit.

The Nun
The Nun is a horror movie with a setting in Romania. Download it and be prepared for a lot of jump scares.
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