Gran Turismo (2023 film)

I am old enough to remember when the first Gran Turismo game came out for the original PlayStation. At the time it looked so advanced, some people were saying that they thought it was early PlayStation 2 footage! Gran Turismo would go on to be one of the biggest franchises that Sony has, but I still never expected it to be turned into a movie!

How to Download Gran Turismo

You should be able to download or stream the film from a digital platform about two months after its release which was on August 25, 2023. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. If you want to try the game, check out our review of Grand Turismo Sport.

The Movie Review

I will be honest, I respect the hell out of this franchise, but racing sims have never been for me and as a result, the Gran Turismo series does nothing for me at all. However, when I eventually saw the trailer and saw the likes of David Harbour and Orlando Bloom in the movie, I thought that it looked really interesting.

Gran Turismo – The Key Facts

Fact Information
Movie Title Gran Turismo
Trailer and Cast Features David Harbour and Orlando Bloom.
Release Date August 25, 2023
True Story Basis Based on a true story.
Protagonist and Story Protagonist Jann (Archie Madekwe) invited to race after impressing in Gran Turismo.
Transformation to Reality Racing Nissan executive Danny Moore (Orlando Bloom) turns video game driver into real race driver.
Coaching and Training Jack Salter (David Harbour) helps train the drivers.
Sports Drama Genre Described as a sports drama with training, setbacks, and personal relationships.
Visual and Auditory Experience Praised for visually stunning races, exciting stunt driving, and epic sound effects.
Surprising Enjoyment Pleasantly surprised by how much the author enjoyed the movie.

A Fascinating True Story

It is kind of crazy to think that Gran Turismo is based on a true story! I will admit, due to not being into the game, I had no idea this was a thing, but man what a fascinating story this is. I am pretty sure that a few things were changed here and there for a bit more dramatic effect, but the heart of the story remains true from what I understand.

Jann’s Journey

Gran Turismo is about a young man called, Jann, played by Archie Madekwe who lives a pretty normal, working-class life, but he is amazing at the game, Gran Turismo. Jann after impressing with his skills is invited to partake in a special event by Nissan where the winner gets to drive on an actual racing track.

From Game to Reality

Nissan marketing executive, Danny Moore has the great idea to turn a video game driver into a real race driver! Danny Moore is played by Orlando Bloom and I think that he does a fantastic job in this role. It is a clear marketing stunt, but some of the drivers, like Jann have some serious skills and take to the track very well.

Coaching and Character

Danny calls in Jack Salter. Jack used to be a race driver, but he now works as a mechanic. Jack is sick of the arrogance of the current main driver he deals with and he reluctantly agrees to help Danny and train these drivers. David Harbour is awesome here, he plays the gruff, but soft-hearted coach very well.

A Thrilling Sports Drama

Even though I am not into motorsport in real life or even in video game form (unless Mario Kart counts) I found this to be a very exciting movie. At its core, this is a sports drama with the training, the heartbreak, the setback, the personal relationship, and the respect of the coach. All of the tropes that you expect in a sports drama are present here and I do not mean that in a negative way at all.

Visually Stunning Racing

I will say that despite not being a fan of the sport, just like the games, this movie looks amazing! The races are very exciting and the stunt driving (which was actually done by the real-life Jann) is amazing and had me on the edge of my seat on more than one occasion. I also have to say that the sound is epic too, I would love to hear this on my surround sound system at home!

A Pleasant Surprise

I went into Gran Turismo with relatively low expectations, but I ended up really enjoying myself. You do not need to have an interest or any knowledge of the Gran Turismo franchise at all to have fun here. It is probably one of the more surprising movies that I have seen this year, to be honest with you!

Gran Turismo
Gran Turismo is a biographical sports drama that tells an amazing story of a teenage Gran Turismo PlayStation game player. Download it and have fun.
8.5 Total Score
Gran Turismo Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • The racing is very exciting
  • This is a fun and emotional sports drama kind of movie
  • It works no matter if you love or have no interest in the games
  • I thought that Jann was a very interesting protagonist
  • Gerri Halliwell is one of the worst actresses I have ever seen!
  • If sports dramas do nothing for you, this is probably not your kind of movie
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