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I thought that Happy Death Day was a fantastic slasher movie and I was so excited when I heard a sequel was coming. Happy Death Day 2U is every bit as good as the first movie. While this is still a slasher movie like the first, this one also is a sci-fi movie as well. I know that may sound weird, but it works really well and I cannot wait for the third movie to come out!

How to Download Happy Death Day 2U

Happy Death Day 2U was released on February 13, 2019. You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice.

In-Depth Movie Review: Happy Death Day 2U

Ryan from the first movie is working with Dre and Samar on a quantum reactor with the idea that it can slow down time. Ryan ends up getting murdered and he finds himself in a time loop like Tree was in the first movie! Tree having just gone through this same thing along with Carter helps Ryan.

The Complicated Plot Twists

Turns out that things are way more complicated this time around! An “accident” happens and instead of just restarting the loop like in the last movie, the quantum reactor sends Tree into an alternate dimension! Once again, Tree finds herself in a time loop and once again a killer wearing that creepy babyface mask is trying to kill her and others.

Character Development and Alternate Dimensions

What is interesting about this is that on one hand, Tree has an advantage as she has already lived through a time loop. However, things in this alternate dimension are quite different, Lori is not the killer and Carter is dating that mean girl, Danielle! Despite the differences, Tree is considering just staying in this dimension as her mother is still alive.

Raising the Stakes: A Unique Blend of Genres

Ultimately. Happy Death Day 2U raises the stakes over the first movie. Not only do we have Tree stuck in another time loop that she needs to get out of by discovering and stopping the killer. Tree also has to make the difficult decision of whether she should stay in this dimension or go back to her own one.

The Verdict: Happy Death Day 2U

They do a great job of keeping you guessing in regards to who the killer is in this movie just like they did in the first one. I thought the whole thing with each time loop taking a toll on Tree’s body was a unique take on the whole time loop thing as I am not sure I have ever seen that in another movie that deals with time loops or time travel.

Final Thoughts and Comparison with the Original

It was such a clever idea to mix sci-fi with a slasher movie. It is the kind of thing that on paper sounds like it could be a mess and hard to follow, but that is not the case at all. Tree is a super likable main character and the core group here that are all working towards the same thing have a great deal of chemistry together. I love how this movie has a little bit of everything ranging from slasher stuff to sci-fi elements and even comedy and drama.

I do not think I could pick between Happy Death Day 2U and the original. I love both of these movies and always watch them either back to back or within a few days. My only complaint is the same thing I had with the first movie and that is that I wish the home release of this had way more extras.

Happy Death Day 2U
Happy Death Day 2U blends slasher thrills with sci-fi twists, as Tree battles a time loop and a masked killer in an alternate dimension. Download it now.
9.5 Total Score
Happy Death Day 2U Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • The way it mixes slasher and sci-fi is a lot of fun
  • The cast has great chemistry
  • Like the first movie, it keeps you guessing who the killer is
  • It has an awesome ending that sets up a third movie
  • This and the first movie need to be re-released with tons of extra content
  • If for some crazy reason, you did not like the first one, you probably will not like this either
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