I Can Only Imagine

II can only Imagine is a Christian drama film produced by Kevin Downes Productions and Mission Pictures International. The film is based on the lyrics of a song of the same name which was performed by MercyMe. It is directed by Erwin Brothers.

How to Stream or Download I Can Only Imagine

The movie can be obtained from iTunes. To start streaming or downloading hit the button at the end of the review. The movie is available in several language versions with subtitles and also in 4K and HD quality. And if you like movies with music and love as a theme, try also Bohemian Rhapsody and A Star is Born.

The Film Review

The film was an absolute hit as it became the fourth highest-grossing music biopic of all time. It was officially released on 16th March 2018.

The Cast

I can Only Imagine features a cast consisting of J. Michael Finley, Madeline Carroll, Trace Adkins, Craig Lembke, and Priscilla Shirer.

I Can Only Imagine: the Plot

I Can Only Imagine revolves around the life of Bart Millard who lives with his mother and an abusive father named Arthur. He soon discovers that his mother has abandoned him and is forced to live with his father alone.

Years later, Bart can be seen playing football in order to please his father, however, after an accident on the playing field, he injures both his ankles which completely puts an end to his football career.

Consequently, he joins music classes but keeps this information hidden from his father to avoid physical abuse. His voice talents soon allow him to play the leading role in one of his school productions called Oklahoma!

One night after having a physical encounter with his father, Bart decides to leave for good. As a result, he suddenly breaks up with his long-term girlfriend Shannon. Bart then travels to the city where he joins a band under a manager named Scott Brickell.

Despite the band’s efforts, all the major music records company refuse to release their music. Disappointed with himself, Bart quits the band and goes back to his home where he finds out that his father has now become a Christian.

Even though Arthur tries to act kindly, Bart refuses to forgive him. Angry whilst reminiscing his father’s past, Bart decides to drive away on Arthur’s pickup, however, finds out that he had been suffering from terminal cancer. Bart suddenly returns and forgives his father.

The two soon develop a very emotional bond before Arthur dies of his illness.

After his father’s funeral, Bart apologizes to his ex-girlfriend and writes down a song called I Can Only Imagine. Upon seeing the lyrics, Amy Grant, a renowned artist, becomes deeply moved and asks Bart if she can release it as her next single.

Grant, unable to sing the song herself, calls upon Bart on stage who performs it live. He is praised by the audience before finishing up and reconciling with Shannon.

The film ends with the band releasing the song as their first official single, thereby achieving massive success.

The Bottom Line

I Can Only Imagine is an emotional sequence which holds an approval rating of 63% on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 27 reviews. The film has overall been praised by both fans and critics.

The admiration is mainly due to the fact that the film tends to preach Christianity whilst also adding the element of music in it. The main idea defined is how forgiveness and faith can truly change a person.

I Can Only Imagine
I Can Only Imagine is a story about a man raised without a mother by a despotic father. His passions is music. Download to see what happened.
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