Identity Thief

I have watched Identity Thief three times! The reason I have watched it that many times is because this is a movie I really want to like. I love Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy and I think that their brand of comedy for the most part is great. That means though if you are not usually into either of these actors, Identity Thief is not the movie for you, hell I like them both and I find this one ok at best.

How to Download Identity Thief

Identity Thief was released on February 8, 2013. You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. If you like Melissa McCarthy, check her out in Life of the Party, or The Hangover Part III.

The Movie Review

Breaking Down Identity Thief: A Comedy of Errors

The premise of the movie is that Jason Bateman is a family man called Sandy who ends up getting his identity stolen by a con artist in Florida. Sandy is a good due, he is likable and he is pretty much Jason Bateman in 99 percent of the movies that he is in. He plays the dad and loving husband that you want to see do well in life so well!

As you probably have already guessed and will know if you have seen the trailer. The con artist from Florida who has stolen Sandy’s identity is Melissa McCarthy who is playing a character called, Diana. Diana is the queen of the scam and she has gotten into trouble with some pretty serious bad guys.

Unfortunately for Sandy, the cops know that the trouble he is in is caused by identity fraud, but because Diana is in Florida and he is in Denver, the cops say they cannot do anything about it. While this is a comedy, Jason Bateman deserves a ton of credit for his acting chops here. You can tell he is at his wit’s end and just wants to make things right.

The Cross-Country Chase: Bateman and McCarthy’s Dynamic

Sandy has a plan! Sandy decides that he is going to go to Florida and drag Diane back to Denver so that he can get his name cleared and get his life back on track. What then follows is 90 minutes of manic Melissa McCarthy doing what she does best. She is loud, she is wild, she is crazy and she is an expert at a jab to the throat.

Predictable Yet Entertaining: The Essence of Identity Thief

There are some funny moments in Identity Thief, but this movie is about as predictable as you can get. It is like a “buddy” movie as Sandy and Diane make their way from Florida to Denver on the road and get into some trouble along the way. The fact they are being hunted by a bounty hunter and a couple of crooks adds to the tension as well.

Identity Thief: A Closer Look at Its Ending and Appeal

I would wager that there is not a single person who has sat down to watch this who did not figure out what the ending was going to be. Although, I say that, the actual “ending” scene is freaking hilarious and crazy Melissa McCarthy at her very best. That scene, for as predictable as the movie is, does ensure that you end up watching the movie with a big smile on your face.

Final Thoughts: Is Identity Thief Worth Your Time?

If you are a fan of Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy, Identity Thief is worth giving a try as you will at the very least have a little bit of fun with it. It may not be a comedy classic and I have certainly seen better from both leads. However, if you want something fun that you can turn your brain off with, this is perfect for that.

Identity Thief
Identity Thief, starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy, is a predictable yet amusing road trip comedy about reclaiming one's identity. Download it now.
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Identity Thief Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Melissa McCarthy is super crazy in this movie and that is fun
  • Jason Bateman delivers his typical fun performance here
  • There is some fun slapstick style comedy in the movie
  • This is a fun comedy if you want something where you don’t have to think
  • The actual plot is rather basic and so predictable right from the start
  • The two leads are great, but they have both been in far better movies
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