Instant Family

Instant Family is a comedy-drama film produced by Closest to the Hole Productions. It was officially released on 16th November 2018 by Paramount Pictures. The film is directed by Sean Anders and features a cast consisting of Mark Wahlberg, Rose Byrne, Isabela Moner, Margo Martindale, Julie Hagerty, Tig Notaro, and Octavia Spencer.

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The Film Review

The Plot

The film revolves around a married couple, Pete and Ellie Wagner, who decide to adopt a child to fill the void in their marriage.

The couple visits a foster home where they encounter a teenager named Lizzie who, after Ellie’s reluctance, points out how nobody really likes to adopt teenagers.

After meeting with her family, Ellie takes up the challenge and decides with Pete to adopt Lizzie. However, it is revealed that Lizzie has two younger siblings named Juan and Lita and that their mother is in jail because of drug addiction.

Regardless, the couple goes ahead and adopts all three siblings. All goes well in the beginning, however, the couple is faced with challenges after Lita refuses to eat anything but chips, Juan becomes emotional over small issues, and Lizzie becomes rebellious of them.

Pete and Ellie attend family support groups to take advice as to how to win the kids over.

Soon, Pete’s mother Sandy arrives and instantly wins over all three of the kids after treating them to Six Flags. However, Lizzie runs away and does not return home for a while.

As a consequence, Pete grounds him for suddenly disappearing off. Over time the remaining two kids become fond of the couple and eventually start calling them mommy and daddy.

Soon, however, it is revealed that the kids’ mother Carla is released from jail and wants to see her children. Meanwhile, the couple finds out how Lizzie had been sending her nude photos to someone in her school.

They accidentally end up assaulting the wrong person and end up getting arrested. Lizzie becomes embarrassed and submits a detailed report of her parents to her court.

At the hearing, the verdict is given that Carla will get to keep the children. Despite Juan and Lita’s insistence, the kids are forced to pack up their stuff, however, in a sudden twist of tale, they are informed that Carla will not be picking them up due to being arrested again for drug abuse.

The film ends with Pete and Ellie telling their kids how much they love them, which eventually turns over the verdict four months later and the adoption becomes finalized.

Apart from being hilarious, the film very emotional. It essentially offers heartfelt moments and describes the struggles of both the parents and children that put effort and hard work into adjusting to their new lifestyles.

The Movie Production

Many fans and critics may not realize but under the radar, it talks about very important issues that relate to parenting. By highlighting the children’s background, the filmmakers made people aware of the horrors many children in real life go through.

Their personalities alter according to their struggles and only real love can help them overcome their past torments.

The Soundtrack

The original film score of Instant Family was composed by Michael Andrews. The score album was released on 16th November 2018 by Paramount Pictures.

Instant Family: the Bottom Line

Overall, Instant Family is a film which was received quite positively from both the fans and critics. It holds an approval rating of 82% on Rotten Tomatoes. Commercially, it made $4.8 million on its first day, proving out to be a success.

Instant Family
Instant Family is a comedy movie about a couple who want to adopt a kid. Download it today and see what actually happened.
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