Jackie Brown

It’s quite rare when a Quentin Tarantino film flies under the radar. He is one of the most conventionally prolific directors of the modern age, with almost every single one of his films being well-known and widely adored. He makes violent films, films full of filthy language and a lack of general manners, and we love them for that. However, one of his films that chose to be a bit more reserved, and a bit more character-oriented despite having the same machinations as every Tarantino film, flew a bit under the radar.

Despite its underrated nature, Jackie Brown is still an incredibly well-made film in every way.

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The Movie Review

Jackie Brown, a seasoned flight attendant in her middle age, works with Ordell Robbie, an arms dealer, to smuggle money from Mexico to Los Angeles. However, her scheme comes to a halt when agents Ray Nicolette and Mark Dargus apprehend her with ten thousand dollars and cocaine in her purse.

They offer her a deal: help them capture Ordell, and she will regain her freedom. Meanwhile, Ordell enlists the help of Max Cherry, a 56-year-old bail bond businessman, to bail out Jackie. However, Jackie is suspicious of Ordell’s intentions and devises a complicated plan with Max to steal half a million dollars from him. The game is on as Jackie and Max navigate the dangerous world of deception and betrayal.

Jackie Brown is definitely not as widely known as some of Tarantino’s other works, but that’s because it’s his most understated and mellow film. This is also the only movie he’s directed that isn’t based on his own material, but rather an Elmore Leonard novel. However, don’t let that deter you, as Tarantino delivers a refreshing change of pace in this adaptation.

Despite the differences in the source material, Tarantino’s signature style shines through. The dialogue is snappy and intense, and the characters are the same type of shady individuals you would expect to see in Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction.

One aspect of this film that stands out is how natural it feels compared to Tarantino’s previous works. The characters are more relatable and the dialogue is less exaggerated than what we’re used to seeing from him.

The story is straightforward and lacks the typical shocking moments and plot twists that have become synonymous with Tarantino’s style. Surprisingly, the film has a down-to-earth feel that is somewhat unexpected from the director. These factors make this movie stand out as something truly distinct within his filmography.

The Characters

The ensemble of actors in this film is simply outstanding. The legendary Pam Grier shines in her comeback performance, and Robert Forster delivers an understated yet remarkable portrayal that earned him a well-deserved Oscar nomination.

Whenever Grier and Forster share the screen, the audience is in for a real treat. Samuel L. Jackson’s performance is entertaining, and you can definitely see why he is a mainstay in almost every single Quentin Tarantino film.

Jackson’s character is exactly what you’d expect – profanity-laced and humorous, yet still capable of being menacing. However, the other two truly anchor the film and make it a joy to watch again and again. Bridget Fonda and Robert DeNiro provide excellent supporting performances, while Chris Tucker is also there for a little bit to add his iconic high-pitched voice vibes.

The Visuals

Tarantino made a bold decision to change things up and bring in a new cinematographer, Guillermo Navarro, just because he wanted an aesthetic that was completely different from any of his previous works. Navarro is famously known for his collaborations with Guillermo Del Toro, whose films often feature a murky, darker tone thanks to Navarro’s photography.

This departure from Tarantino’s usual style is one of the main reasons why Jackie Brown has its own unique personality and allows the audience to experience the story with the level of seriousness that it demands. While the film’s darker tone may lack some of the humor that Tarantino is known for, it isn’t a necessary aspect to engage the audience. There are still moments throughout the film that elicit laughter, even in the midst of its serious nature.

The Music

The soundtrack of Jackie Brown is a standout aspect of the film. It features a collection of soulful and funky tracks that perfectly capture the mood and tone of the movie. The music introduces us to many talented musicians and adds to the overall authenticity of the film.

While it may not have the same impact as some of Tarantino’s other soundtracks, such as the iconic music from Pulp Fiction or the electrifying score of Kill Bill, it still stands out as a great collection of songs that enhance the viewing experience. The soundtrack of Jackie Brown perfectly complements the film’s atmosphere and is definitely worth listening to on its own.


As a seasoned filmmaker, Tarantino introduces us to a film that is less flamboyant than his other works but is still just as good as it should be. Like a skilled pilot navigating treacherous terrain, he manages to keep the film grounded while still allowing it to soar to new heights.

While Jackie Brown may not be as flashy as Tarantino’s other works, it’s crafted with a lot of heart. It’s a refreshing change of pace that speaks to his skill as a filmmaker, a pilot navigating new territories and bringing us along for the ride.

Jackie Brown
Jackie Brown is an action film directed by Quentin Tarantino. Download it now and see what happened to one flight attendant.
8.5 Total Score
Jackie Brown Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • A refreshing change of pace in Tarantino's filmography, with a more natural and understated feel
  • Exceptional acting performances, particularly by Pam Grier, Sam L. Jackson, and Robert Forster, who deliver standout portrayals
  • Strong supporting performances by Bridget Fonda, Robert DeNiro, and Chris Tucker
  • Unique personality due to the decision to bring in a new cinematographer, resulting in a gritty style and serious tone that stands out from Tarantino's usual style
  • Outstanding soundtrack featuring a collection of soulful and funky tracks that add to the film's authenticity and atmosphere
  • Lacks the typical shocking moments and plot twists that have become synonymous with Tarantino's style, which may disappoint some viewers
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