Lilo & Stitch (2002)

How the heck is Lilo & Stich 20 years old? Time really does fly, doesn’t it? Stich has become one of the biggest characters that Disney has. There is a ton of Stitch merchandise, he has had multiple movies, a TV series and he always has one of the longest lines at the Disney parks. However, if I am being honest as much as I like him as a character, the first movie is not one of my favorite Disney movies!

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The Movie Review

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The plot of the movie sees Stitch who is an experiment (he is experiment 626) escaping from a space station after his creator, Jumba is put on trial for making these experiments. The whole scene with Stitch escaping this space station, crash landing on Earth, and threatening a frog with a gun is hilarious!

Now, the place where he escaped from is called The Galactic Federation and they are not happy that one of Jumba’s experiments is running wild. In exchange for his freedom, Jumba and a nerdy agent called Pleakley are sent to Earth to capture Stitch. It is Hawaii Stitch has crash landed on and he is soon picked up and taken to the local dog pound as they mistake him for a dog.

The movie is called Lilo & Stitch not just Stitch so we have to talk about Lilo. Lilo is a cute, but very weird and strange kid whose parents have passed away and she is being raised by her sister Nani. Nani is trying her best, but she is having a tough time and there is the threat that Lilo could be taken away from her!

Lilo wants to adopt a dog and she ends up taking Stitch home. Lilo & Stitch eventually become friends and they have great chemistry. Snd seeing these two get up to mischief is a lot of fun. I love the way that they stand up to these horrible kids that are always being mean to Lilo.

Now, Jumba and Pleakley are not doing a good job when it comes to capturing Stitch. This leads The Galactic Federation to send in the badass bounty hunter, Captain Gantu to try and bring Stitch in. Stitch is in some real trouble now and eventually, Jumba and Pleakley come around and become buddies with Stitch.

I think it is pretty interesting how we have two quite different plots running side by side in this movie. We have Stitch trying to evade capture, but we also have the family drama with Nani and Lilo. If I am being honest, I love the Stitch stuff, but the family drama has never really clicked with me in this movie. I get what Disney was going for and I can see why some people do like it, but it never did anything for me.

It is easy to see why Stitch has become one of the most popular Disney characters these days. I think this first movie is ok, but I actually much prefer the straight-to-DVD sequels, especially Stitch The Movie which is fantastic. I recently watched this again and I must say, my feelings toward it are pretty much the same.

Lilo & Stitch (2002)
Lilo & Stitch is a Disney film about a little Hawaiian girl Lilo Pelekai and an extraterrestrial creature nicknamed Stitch. Download it now and have fun.
7.5 Total Score
Lilo & Stitch (2002) Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • I like Stitch as a character
  • The franchise that this spawned is fantastic
  • It is cool how Disney made a sci-fi movie, but with family drama
  • There are some legit funny moments in the movie
  • For me, this is the weakest of the four Stitch movies
  • I am pretty worried about how the live-action Lili & Stitch movie is going to go!
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