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Badass is a phrase I overuse to the max, but there is honestly no better way to describe Monkey Man than badass! I am writing this under 24 hours after seeing it so this is all super fresh in my mind. My son wanted to go and see this as he had been following the production of it for quite some time.

How to Download Monkey Man

Monkey Man was released on April 5, 2024. You should expect it to become available on Peacock TV in about two months from this date. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and check the current availability.

The Movie Review

Dev Patel’s Triple Role in Monkey Man

Witten, directed and starring Dev Patel (check him out in The Green Knight). It is like Dev Patel got sick of waiting for Hollywood to show people what a badass action star he could be so he did it all himself! The movie was supposed to be on Netflix, but Jordan Peele got involved after feeling this was a movie that needed to be shown on the big screen and he was right.

The Core of Monkey Man: A Brutal Revenge Story

The thing with Monkey Man is that the trailers pretty much tell you what you are getting. What we have here is a brutal revenge thriller-style movie. I would not say that it is just another “John Wick” style of movie, but it certainly has many of those types of elements. I think that they do a bit more to show the drama, damage, and trauma of our main character here which makes you like him and want him to succeed even more.

Dev Patel as Kid, Bobby, and the Monkey Man

Dev Patel plays the role of a man known as Kid, Bobby, and the titular Monkey Man, who saw his mother be brutally abused and killed. He dedicates his life to getting revenge on those who took his mother from him. He starts off fighting in an underground fight club where people bet money, often losing on purpose. It is all about him working his way into and up this criminal organization so he can get close to those whom he wants revenge on.

Action and Empathy: The Dual Appeal of Monkey Man

I liked how Monkey Man was this unstoppable fighting machine, but they made sure to give his character some depth and he becomes something of a hero, even though revenge is always his main motive. The movie moves at a really quick pace and it was one of those movies where when the credits rolled, I was shocked that the better part of two hours had flown by.

Choreography and Cinematography: A Visual and Auditory Experience

The fight choreography is something of a mixed bag in Monkey Man. Dev Patel is such a badass and the movie has so many epic fight scenes. It is not just the way the fight scenes look, but the sound effects add so much brutality to the fight scenes, it is honestly awesome stuff. So if I like the way the fights look and sound, why is it a mixed bag?

The Cinematic Style of Monkey Man: Pros and Cons

Monkey Man is shot in a rather unusual style. The camera likes to get in real close and it moves around all the time and has that “shaky cam” effect going on. The fight choreography is so good, I wish the camera would stay still and in one place more than it does so we can see what is going on better. I liked the fight scenes, but they may be something I like even more when I am able to see this at home.

A Must-See Film for Action and Drama Enthusiasts

I am glad that I went to see this and both my son and I thought that this was a fun time. I know I was bitching about the camera work, but to be honest, the movie is still a lot of fun. If you want a badass revenge thriller with a character that you will care about, I highly recommend you make the effort to go and see this at your local theatre while it is showing.

Monkey Man
Monkey Man, starring Dev Patel, is a riveting revenge thriller about a man fighting through an underground world to avenge his mother. Download it.
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Monkey Man Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • I am sure Dev Patel is going to become a huge action star after this!
  • This is a badass revenge thriller movie
  • The sound is amazing and adds so much to the fight scenes
  • This movie has some brutal and exciting fight scenes
  • While the fight scenes are great, I wish I could see them better
  • If action movies are not usually your cup of tea, this will not win you over
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