Nocturnal Animals

Susan Morrow leads a life of luxury as the owner of a prestigious art gallery. Her marriage to the affluent businessman, Hutton Morrow, is one of comfort and security, but it is also one marred by loneliness. However, one fateful evening, a package arrives at her doorstep – a manuscript, bound in a plain brown cover, sent from her first husband, Edward Sheffield.

As she delves deeper into the pages of Nocturnal Animals, a brutal and unflinching tale of revenge, Susan is drawn into a maelstrom of memories, both sweet and painful, of the passionate love she once shared with Edward and the heartache of their eventual separation. The raw and visceral nature of the novel serves as a stark reminder of the unresolved issues that still linger between them, pulling her ever closer to her past, and to Edward.

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You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. Check out also other performances by Amy Adams (in Nocturlan Animals she plays Susan Morrow) – as Lois Lane in Man of Steel, as Dr. Louise Banks in Arrival, or as Giselle in Disenchanted.

The Movie Review

The film is divided into two parallel storylines, one being the present-day story of Susan and the other being the story of the manuscript. The story of the manuscript is a brutal and violent revenge tale that gradually becomes intertwined with Susan’s own life, creating a complex and thought-provoking narrative. However, the connection between the two storylines can be a bit confusing at times, and it may take a bit of effort to fully understand the film’s narrative.

The writing in Nocturnal Animals is masterfully crafted, with a thought-provoking script that delves into the complexities of human emotions and relationships. The characters are well-crafted, with each one possessing their own unique motivations and desires.

The dialogue is also excellent, with the characters’ conversations adding depth and complexity to the story. However, while the writing is generally strong, there are moments when it can feel heavy-handed and overly symbolic. For example, the metaphor of the Nocturnal Animals, the title, is used throughout the film to represent the darker aspects of human nature.

While the metaphor is effective in adding depth and meaning to the story, it can also be a bit too heavy-handed, with the symbolism being hammered in at times.

The powerful and nuanced performances bring the characters to life in a truly mesmerizing way.

Her portrayal of Susan is both raw and vulnerable, with Adams expertly conveying the character’s inner turmoil as she grapples with the memories of her past relationship.

Jake Gyllenhaal, who plays both the present-day Edward Sheffield and the protagonist of the novel, Tony Hastings, is also outstanding in his dual role. He brings a sense of intensity and vulnerability to his portrayal of Tony, a man seeking revenge for the loss of his family.

Gyllenhaal’s performance is both emotionally raw and physically demanding, as he conveys the character’s grief and determination. The supporting cast, including Michael Shannon, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Isla Fisher, also give strong performances, with each actor bringing a sense of depth and complexity to their characters. Shannon in particular, who plays the lead investigator in the revenge plot, is a force to be reckoned with, bringing a sense of intensity and gravitas to the role.

The Visuals

The cinematography in Nocturnal Animals is a true masterpiece, with each frame expertly composed to create a truly mesmerizing visual experience. The film is saturated with a rich color palette, with the use of muted tones and shadows creating a sense of unease and foreboding. While the film’s cinematography is quite gloomy and dark, this is not a deterrent, but rather a strength.

The darkness serves to reflect the tone of the story and the characters’ emotional journeys. The moody lighting, the use of shadows, and the muted colors all contribute to creating a sense of unease and tension that perfectly reflect the themes of the film. The darkness also adds a layer of realism to the story, making it feel more grounded and authentic.

The Music

The music in Nocturnal Animals is a gut-wrenching accompaniment to the film’s visuals, adding to the overall mood and tone of the story. The score is composed by Abel Korzeniowski, and it’s a haunting and atmospheric, with a melancholic and ethereal quality that perfectly reflects the film’s themes of grief and loss. The music is often used to underscore the emotional intensity of the characters’ journeys, with its ethereal and haunting nature perfectly capturing the sense of unease and tension that permeates the film.


In conclusion, Nocturnal Animals is a film of intricate and captivating complexity, delving into the labyrinthine depths of human emotions and relationships. The parallel storylines, though at times bewildering, ultimately weave together to create a thought-provoking and deeply unsettling narrative. The writing and dialogue, though occasionally heavy-handed, are sharp, poetic, and layered with nuance.

The performances by the cast are truly exceptional, imbuing their characters with raw and emotive intensity, fully immersing the viewer in their tumultuous journeys.

The gloomy and dark cinematography, paired with a haunting score, adds to the film’s atmosphere, elevating the film’s themes and making them all the more thematically resonant. Like an elegantly twisted kaleidoscope, Nocturnal Animals reflects the darkest parts of human nature, leaving an indelible and unforgettable impression on the mind and soul.

Nocturnal Animals
Nocturnal Animals is a psychological thriller from 2016 that is based on a novel by American novelist Austin Wright (1922-2003). Download it now and see what happened.
9 Total Score
Nocturnal Animals Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Thought-provoking and complex narrative
  • Well-crafted characters and script
  • Outstanding performances by the cast
  • Stunning cinematography and visual compositions
  • Haunting and atmospheric score
  • The story can be confusing at times
  • Dialogue can be heavy-handed and overly symbolic
  • Pacing can be slow
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