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While the first Paranormal Activity took a look at Katie and her demons, the second one chose to focus on her sister and her family. Paranormal Activity 3 dissects Katie, the main character from the first movie as a little girl. This is in direct opposition to the second movie, which was set just before the events of the original. You may remember that as the first movie went on, Katie started to believe that some sort of supernatural entity was specifically going for her, even if she couldn’t see it clearly nor figure out why. That looming fear that Katie was going through is addressed in this film wholeheartedly.

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The Movie Review

The year is 1988, and our protagonist young Katie resides with her mother Julie, her younger sister Kristi, and Julie’s somewhat of a genius boyfriend Dennis. Around the time that little Kristi starts conversing with an imaginary companion by the name of Toby, strange things begin happening in their home. Well, is Katie just going through a phase where she has imaginary friends, or is something worse looming on the horizon?

As in the preceding movies, cameras are positioned all over the house to record any strange things that might occur at night, and there are a lot of strange things that will occur here.

You have to give credit to a film that wraps up some plot strands left behind by a well-done prequel while leaving others just long enough for the viewer to wonder what’s really going on. There’s no chance you’ll enjoy the third one if the first and second films didn’t do anything for you.

The connections here are rather the same, even if the characters are unfamiliar, the structure and basic idea of these films were well-known formulas by the time Paranormal Activity 3 came out. As a result, it can feel quite predictable to most audiences. However, if a movie surprises you even when you expected something quite similar, it must be doing something right.

The hand-held footage is more prominent than ever, which puts a strain on the plausibility of some critical situations, and there are other problems as well. The “Bloody Mary” urban tale, which perfectly fills the void left by the Ouija board on the Paranormal Activity pattern, is another example of a corny filler and as always, Randy and his clumsily unpleasant attempts at humor come to mind.

In any case, Paranormal Activity 3 satisfied my PA cravings. The film is quite creative in the ways it manages to set up jump scares, and that lack of spook factor is completely resolved in Paranormal Activity 3. In the film, Dennis ingeniously disassembles an oscillating fan and mounts a camera on it to enable him to pan the camera angle from the living room to the kitchen and back.

This makes for some fantastically done jump scares as the camera slowly pans from the kitchen and the living room with terrifying things happening all around the characters.

All of the secrets are unveiled, and all the problems are solved in Paranormal Activity 3. In contrast to the prior two films, this one really creates a tale through the home videos that you’re watching. Rather than just observing these people’s lives and waiting for the spirits to emerge, you’re going on a journey of its own.

Despite the fact that the plot is nothing new, the execution is really good. Nearly the entire second Paranormal Activity tells the story. Here, you don’t need it; all you need to do is watch the film and unravel the mysteries through all of its scary discrepancies.

The Verdict

Since Paranormal Activity 3 earns the scares rather than the dread, the franchise has drastically evolved. There are precise scares in this movie, not the ominous terror that the second movie managed to run dry. While I do believe that this isn’t the scariest horror film ever made, it is the finest in the series and a vast advance over previous movies of the same kind.

Paranormal Activity 3
Paranormal Activity 3 is a found footage horror movie from 2011 that continues the story told in the first two films of the series. Download it now.
7 Total Score
Paranormal Activity 3 Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • An innovative use of camera work
  • Tightly paced, with lots of jump scares and spooky bits
  • The acting is decent, and the cast is well starred
  • The atmosphere is looming with ambient fear sounds
  • The film relies a bit too much on the previous films as a companion piece
  • It has a bland story that doesn’t really seem too exciting, it’s still executed well
  • The characters are forgettable and uninteresting
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