Predator: Prey (2022 film)

I am going to go out on a limb here and state that after the original movie, Prey is my favorite Predator movie! Prey has been a massive hit on Disney Plus/Hulu and I have yet to come across someone that did not like the movie. It is just a super fun movie and one that has completely restored my faith in the Predator franchise.

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You can download or stream the film from a digital platform like Hulu or Disney+. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. Check out also the previous film of the series – The Predator (2018).

The Movie Review

Actually, that is a bit harsh as the Predator movies are awesome, the only one I am not a massive fan of is the second Alien vs Predator movie. Prey is brought to us by Dan Trachtenberg and he has truly done a phenomenal job here. It is one of the best straight-to-streaming movies Disney/Hulu has released so far!

The setting of Prey is The Great Plains in 1719 and our main character is a Comanche woman called Naru. Naru is a healer for her tribe, but she wants to be a hunter just like her badass brother, Taabe. While out on a hunt, Naru sees something in the sky, she thinks it is this thing called the Thunderbird and it is a sign that she is ready to prove her worth as a hunter to the tribe.

This was no mystical “Thunderbird”! What Naru actually saw was a Predator spaceship that was sending a Predator to Earth to hunt. The tribe is against Naru wanting to be a hunter, but she heads out into the wilderness anyway. Naru gets into some trouble and her brother along with some other tribesmen heads out to bring her home.

It is here that all hell breaks loose as we get to see this movie’s Predator. I love the design of this Predator, he is slimmer and as the movie is set many hundreds of years before the original, he has far less advanced tech. I thought the way he used spikes instead of lasers and how his mask was more basic really added more mysticism and lore to the Predator race.

From here we have Naru and her brother trying to survive against The Predator. There are a few twists and turns as the story moves along and I had an absolute blast with it all. There is a tremendous fight scene with Taabe and The Predator that may be my favorite fight scene from the entire Predator franchise!

However, the star of this movie is 100 percent Naru. Naru is such a badass and the way she uses an ax with a rope on it is so cool Her going toe-to-toe with the Predator on paper sounds ridiculous, but you really buy into it and want her to succeed in her hunt. No matter if you are a die-hard Predator fan or someone new to the franchise, you can enjoy this movie.

I truly cannot praise this movie highly enough. I liked the little nods to the other movies and I truly hope that they use the success of this movie to be some kind of soft reboot of the series. If you have a Disney Plus/Hulu account then Prey is a movie that you simply have to watch.

Predator: Prey
Prey also called Predator: Prey is a 2022 film that is a prequel to the renowned series about alien hunters on Earth. Download it now and enjoy the action.
9 Total Score
Predator: Prey Review Summary

  • The design of The Predator is just so freaking cool
  • Naru is the best Predator protagonist since Dutch!
  • I loved the Old America setting of the movie
  • This is just a really fun and entertaining movie
  • I did not feel that this Predator was quite as “honorable” in battle as other ones have been
  • I truly cannot think of anything that I actually disliked about this movie!
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