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I love the Rambo series (check out my other Rambo reviews – First Blood or Rambo II) and I think that all of the movies are good. As a kid out of the trilogy, Rambo III was by far my favorite! It is one of the most nostalgic movies from when I was a child and to this day I remember going to the video store with my dad and freaking out when I saw it on the shelf.

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Rambo III was released on May 25, 1988. You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice.

The Movie Review

Rambo III Key Facts

Fact Information
Movie Title Rambo III
Release Date May 25, 1988
Availability Available for download or streaming from a digital platform.
Reviewer’s Nostalgia The reviewer has a strong nostalgic connection to Rambo III, considering it a childhood favorite.
Genre Action
Plot Rambo is asked for help by his old war buddy to rescue him from the Soviets who are waging war in Afghanistan.
Main Villains Colonel Zaysen and Sergeant Kourov, classic 80s villains.
Rambo’s Mission Rambo goes on an unsanctioned rescue mission to save his friend and remove the Soviet war criminals from the area.
Action Style An epic 80s-style action movie known for its explosive scenes.
Movie Series Part of the original Rambo trilogy, often watched individually or as part of a marathon with other movies in the series.
Recommendation The reviewer recommends upgrading to the 2018 4K releases for the best viewing experience.

Childhood Nostalgia

Rambo III left a huge impression on me as a kid. The Rambo III game for the Sega Mega Drive was the number one game on my Christmas list when I got my Mega Drive in 1990 and it remains a firm favorite of mine to this day. The point I am trying to make is that this review is going to be so fueled by my nostalgia blindness that I cannot even pretend it is not!

Action-Packed Fun

As an adult, I feel that the first Rambo movie, First Blood has more substance when it comes to the story. However, Rambo III is an all-out balls-to-the-wall action movie and I love every minute of it. Yes, the story is not amazing, but I do not care. We have Rambo and he is given an excuse to go and wage war on the Soviets that are taking over Afghanistan!

The Plot Unfolds

After the events of Rambo II, Rambo is just trying to live his life in peace in Thailand. His old war buddy, Colonel Sam Trautman shows up and asks for his help. The Soviets are waging war in Afghanistan and many innocent people are dying as a result. Rambo, though wants no part of this as he no longer wants to fight. Colonel Sam Trautman is disappointed and goes on the mission himself.

Facing the Villains

Well, Sam ends up captured by the Soviets and Colonel Zaysen and Sergeant Kourov plan on interrogating him to get information and then they will kill him! Colonel Zaysen and Sergeant Kourov are just classic 80s villains and I think they are a ton of fun and great foes for Rambo.

Rambo’s Solo Mission

As Sam is his buddy, Rambo is not going to stand for this. Rambo is allowed to go in solo to perform an unsanctioned rescue of Sam. Rambo makes friends with some Afghan villagers who try and aid him in his attempt to save his friend and get rid of these crazy Soviet war criminals from the area!

Epic 80s Action

Look, I will not sit here and pretend that Rambo III is a masterpiece of cinema. However, this is an epic 80s-style action movie that is just a lot of fun to watch. When I think of Rambo, the image of him with that explosive arrow is what always comes to mind and that is from this movie. This is an 80s classic and no one can ever convince me otherwise.

Movie Marathon

The thing with the original Rambo trilogy is that I tend to watch them in two ways. I will either just watch Rambo III on its own or I will watch the entire trilogy from start to end. These are just awesome action movies and these along with Rocky are a huge reason why Stallone is one of my favorite actors to this day.

Upgrade Your Viewing

One last thing before we bring this to a close. Even if you are like me and had the Rambo movies on DVD and then upgraded to Blu-Ray. I highly recommend getting 2018 4K releases of these movies as the transfer is very well done and it is by far the best way to watch them.

Rambo III
Rambo III is a 1988 action film about the famous Vietnam War veteram John Rambo. Download it now and see what happened this time.
9 Total Score
Rambo III Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Rambo going up against 80s style Soviet bad guys is awesome
  • The movie has a much higher budget look about it than the other two
  • Out of the three original movies, this is my favorite
  • The game for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis is still a favorite of mine
  • I can see why some people think the story is lacking
  • I repeat what I said about Rambo II, if 80s action movies do nothing for you, this will not be for you!
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