Let’s be honest here, what can I say about Rocky that has not already been said? Rocky is an absolute all-time classic and one of the greatest movies of all time. Rocky is a very special movie, series, and character and one that many of us have special memories of and that is more of what I want to focus on today.

How to Download Rocky

The film was released on December 3, 1976. You can download or stream the film from a digital platform. Click on the Download button at the end of this review and make your choice. Check out also our reviews of another boxing series – Creed, Creed II, and Creed III.

The Movie Review

However, before that, we do have to do a quick recap of what Rocky is all about. Rocky is a boxer living in Philadelphia, he is a good guy, but he is going nowhere in life. He works as a collector for a loan shark and works out in a boxing gym. He has talent, but he has never done anything with it.

Rocky – The Key Facts

Fact Information
Movie Title Rocky
Genre Sports Drama
Release Date December 3, 1976
Download and Streaming Available for download/streaming on various digital platforms.
Related Series Creed, Creed II, Creed III (boxing series, Rocky spin-off)
Main Character Rocky Balboa
Plot Rocky, a boxer in Philadelphia, gets a shot at greatness when he’s given a chance to fight the boxing champion Apollo Creed.
Emotional Depth The movie delves into Rocky’s personal struggles, relationships, and aspirations, making it more than just a boxing film.
Personal Connection The movie holds personal memories for the author, who watched it with their dad and later shared it with their own son.
Timelessness Despite its setting in the late 70s, Rocky’s story remains relevant and timeless.
Collector’s Challenge Rocky has been released multiple times on DVD and Blu-Ray, and finding high-quality versions can be challenging.
Enduring Love The author expresses their enduring love for Rocky, having watched it numerous times and considering it a classic.

A Shot at Greatness

Boxing champion Apollo Creed has a big fight planned in Philadelphia, but his opponent has to pull out. Apollo decides to give an amateur a chance and he loves the name “The Italian Stallion”. That leads to Rocky getting a shot at the champ. Add to this Rocky falling in love with Adrian and his training with Mickey and you have a pretty deep sports movie.

Beyond Boxing: The Heart of Rocky

It would have been so easy for Rocky to be just another boxing movie, but it is far more than that. Okay, so Rocky is about boxing, but it is more about the man Rocky himself than him being a boxer. Rocky is such a fun, likable, powerful, yet vulnerable character that you cannot help, but get invested in his story.

Personal Memories with Rocky

I have some great memories with Rocky. It was one of those movies that my dad was very excited for me to watch when I was a kid. I remember we rented it from the big video store in town (as it was an older movie) and watching Rocky for the first time with my dad is a very cherished childhood memory of mine. After that, any time it was on TV we would watch it or if we were stuck for something to watch Rocky was always a safe bet.

A Timeless Appeal

The thing is, I had this same thing with my own son. I remember getting my son to watch Rocky for the first time and I was so happy that he loved it. Rocky is such a great movie that even though it is set during the late 70s, it is not dated and the story shines through making it something that is just timeless.

Collecting Rocky: A Challenge

One thing I will say about Rocky is that it can be hard for someone to know what to add to their collection. Rocky has been released a million times on DVD and Blu-Ray! I remember the first 25th anniversary box set that they did on DVD in the early 00s and what a big deal that was. However, there are some Rocky DVDs that are very poor quality. I got the 4K box set last year and I am more than happy with the picture quality, it is probably as good as it is ever going to be.

My Enduring Love

I have probably seen Rocky over 30 times in my lifetime and I am sure I will watch it a few more times in the coming years. So many movies get called “classics” and I am as guilty of that as anyone, however, classic really is the best way to describe Rocky! The crazy thing is as much as I love this movie, it is not even my favorite Rocky, I think the whole series is great!

Rocky is a 1976 sports drama movie with Sylvester Stallone as boxer Rocky Balboa. Download it now and see how it all began.
9 Total Score
Rocky Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • Rocky is one of cinemas all time greatest characters
  • This is far more than a movie just about boxing
  • Even to this day, the fight between Rocky and Apollo is exciting
  • The recent 4K release cleans the image and sound up very well
  • Some of the releases of Rocky on DVD are very rough when it comes to the picture and sound
  • As much as I love this movie, if I am ranking the Rocky movies, it is not in the top three!
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