Seeing M Night Shyamalan’s name attached to the Apple TV+ series was all I needed to be willing to give this supernatural thriller series a chance. I kind of envy those just coming into this now as it is a show that will be even better if you can binge-watch it all, rather than having to wait week-to-week.

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I am going to give you guys a spoiler-free review here as there are a lot of moments in Servant that make you desperate to see the next episode. I think Lost was the last weekly TV series that had me this hooked and desperate for the week to hurry up so I could see the next episode. As I write this, Servant has three seasons and the fourth and final season is currently airing now and will come to a close in March.

We have this married couple, Dottie and Sean. Dottie and Sean live in Philadelphia, she is a news reporter and he is a pretty big-deal chef. They in many ways are your typical married couple who are just trying to live their best life. However, they are soon thrust into a pretty horrific situation.

You see, Dottie makes a huge mistake, a mistake that ultimately results in the death of her baby son, Jericho. Dottie has what is pretty much a psychotic break and he is advised to get a doll to help her move on and deal with the death of her son. It is a kind of messed up premise and I will admit that when I first started watching this, the movie, The Boy certainly came to mind.


Dottie treats this doll as if it were actually alive and she hires a nanny, a young woman called Leanne. To say that Leanne is freaking weird is an understatement and soon after she arrives, the doll becomes alive! That is right, baby Jericho is once again alive and no one seems to know what the heck is going on.

It is a complete mind-blower and Sean along with Dottie’s brother, Julian knows that something is up, but Dottie just embraces it all full force. More and more weird stuff starts to happen and we soon realize that Leanne has some kind of supernatural ability and she ends up getting deeper and deeper into this family.

Julian is the first who starts to realize that there is more going on with Leanne than people realize. Julian is probably my favorite character in the show, he has substance abuse problems and he even starts a rather unwise sexual relationship with Leanne which goes about as well as you would expect.

As the show moves on, a strange cult appears, Leanne’s family members show up and Dottie on one hand seems to get crazier and crazier. However, on the other hand, she is actually right in the way she feels about Leanne. Leanne just seems to get stronger and stronger the longer she is with this family.

I am just loving the whole mystery aspect of Servant. It is a show that has kept me guessing all the way through it and I have had a great time talking about each episode with my wife and my friends who also watch the show. I have made the executive decision to wait until the fourth season is completely done so I can binge it all without having to wait for the next episode every week.

Servant is a psychological horror TV series spanning four seasons and 40 episodes. Download it now and enjoy the captivating story.
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Servant Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • The main cast of characters are all incredible!
  • You never really know what is going on here
  • Leanne is such a great character that you are never 100 percent sure she is bad
  • The whole show has a very creepy and unsettling vibe to it
  • The show has been so great, I hope that they nail the ending!
  • Like most other Apple + TV shows, chances of this getting a physical release are very slim which sucks for us collectors
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