I am really excited to be talking about one of my all-time favorite TV shows with you guys today, Lost. Lost initially aired all the way back in 2004 and would run for six seasons. It is a show that I have watched four times now and each time I think that I love it that little bit more.

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One of the things that were so great about Lost when it initially aired was all of the mystique around the lore of the show. I and my friends would spend hours discussing episodes, giving our own theories, and so on. Honestly, if this was on TV now, I imagine there would be about a million podcasts dedicated to it.

There will be some spoilers here going forward as Lost is a very hard show to talk about without spoiling things so keep that in mind. The basics of the show are that a plane crashes on an island in the South Pacific and a group of survivors led by a surgeon called Jack is trying their best to survive.

That first episode is truly engaging stuff and the cliffhanger when we hear a monster growl from the jungle is one of the greatest moments a TV show pilot has ever had. That first season brings up so many questions. Are they alone on the island? What is the hatch? How can John Locke walk? Who is Sawyer? What is that thing in the jungle? These are just a few that came to mind!

This show is just packed with lore and I am having a hard time thinking of another show with lore as deep and complex as Lost. It features an ensemble cast of characters, my personal favorite being Sawyer with Juliet a close second. The main cast and even the supporting cast to a degree are all very well developed in this show.

One of the cleverest aspects of Lost is the flashback system. The show will use flashbacks to show the people’s lives before they got to the island. It not only fleshes them out as characters, but many of the flashbacks have links to the island itself and this creates even more lore that keeps you guessing and wanting to discuss it with other fans.

I am about to give a major spoiler here, but I have to talk about this. The flashbacks are great, but when Lost introduced the “flashforward” it was a truly mind-blowing event. We saw what we thought was a flashback, but instead, it turned out to be what happened once a group of the survivors managed to get off the island.

This made the show even crazier! Lost is a show that is a real mixture of styles, I guess you would have to say that it is science fiction at its core. However, there is also faith, religion, action, mystery, and other elements at play here too. It is a show that well and truly has everything that you could want.

Add into the mix a personification of good and evil and you have a show that is very hard to pigeonhole into just one genre. Much has been discussed over the years about the ending to Lost, some like it, some do not. I am in the camp that likes it. A show like this was always going to be hard to bring to a close, but I really do think that they did the best they could with it.

I am a huge Lost fan and writing this today has made me decide to rewatch the series once again. The whole series is now on Disney Plus and if you still have not watched it after all these years, you really are missing out. I would have to say that Lost is a legit top-five TV show of all time for me, probably in the top three actually!

Lost is a mystery TV series spanning six seasons that were aired in the years 2004-2010. Download it now and have an unforgettable experience.
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