The DC movie universe really did look to be quite the mess. Thankfully movies like the amazing Aquaman and Shazam here are getting it on track and making DC movies less super serious and depressing. Shazam at first glance looks like an action-packed superhero movie, but it actually packs just as much heart as it does a punch.

How to Stream or Download Shazam!

You will be able to pre-order and then download Shazam! on iTunes. Before it becomes available you might want to watch the previous DC Extended Universe titles such as Aquaman (2018) or Justice League (2017).

The Movie Review

Shazam has always been a very interesting character. On one hand, he is a teenage boy, on the other, he has god-like powers, an adult body, but still the mind of a teenage boy. So, it is a very interesting dynamic and one that Shazam the movie handles very well.

I am talking about Shazam without going into a ton of detail in regards to the plot as there are some great scenes (and awesome fan service) that need to be seen firsthand. However, what I will tell you is that Shazam is a coming of age story every bit as much as a superhero, action or even comedy.

The movie is about young Billy Batson who has a troubled life, most recently he ends up arrested after trying to find his mother. He winds up in a foster home which is handled far better than you would think. The foster home is actually very caring, loving and they want what is best for him. Also, in this foster home is another kid, Freddy who becomes best buddies with Billy.

Young Billy Batson is played by Asher Angel and Freddy is played by Jack Dylan Grazer who is just awesome. Of course, Shazam needs an adult actor too and that job falls to Zachary Levi and to say he is great is an understatement. You do also have the main villain in the form of Mark Strong’s, DR. Thaddeus Sivana, but this is not your typical superhero movie where Shazam needs to save the world. While there is a bit of that, family is really what this movie is about.

As I said this has far more in common with a coming of age comedy/drama than it does something like Justice League. Billy and Freddy working together to discover more about what powers he has, how to use them and how they can help people is great stuff. As is watching them take advantage of not just the powers that come from being Shazam, but also the fact that Billy looks like an adult.

I think in particular that Jack Dylan Grazer does a great job. He has amazing chemistry with Billy as Shazam and as a kid. The fact that he is a massive DC fanboy is awesome and he uses his knowledge to kind of be the guide to help Billy learn about his powers. The movie does it really well and while there is plenty of action and laughs, Shazam is also a very charming and thoughtful movie.

Shazam is a fantastic movie and one of the best from DC since they rebooted their movie universe. The trailers really do not do the movie justice. The trailers make it look like it is just all laughs with a little bit of action. Do not get me wrong, it has that, but there is so much more to Shazam than that. It is a wonderful movie and one that is a really good time.

Shazam! is the seventh superhero movie from the DC Extended Universe series. Download it or pre-order now and have fun.
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