Aquaman is a superhero action movie produced by Cruel and Unusual Films, DC Films, Mad Ghost Productions, The Safran Company, and last but not least Warner Bros. Pictures. The film is the sixth edition to the DC Extended Universe franchise and was officially released on 21st December 2018.

Which Movies DO Make DC Extended Universe?

The first five movies of the series that can be streamed or it can be downloaded before Aquaman are:

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The Film Review

This is the first solo film for the character of Aquaman who was previously seen in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. It is directed by James Wan and features a cast consisting of Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson, Dolph Lundgren, and Nicole Kidman.

The Plot

The film begins in the designated year 1983 where a human named Thomas Curry rescues Atlanna, the princess of the lost Atlantis city. The two fall in love and soon have a baby named Arthur.

Atlanna leaves for Atlantis whereas Arthur grows up to become a warrior. However, after being rejected by the people of Atlantis and their leader Orm -Arthur’s half-brother, Arthur dedicates his life to save life on the ground. He manages to stop an attempted hijacking of a Russian Naval nuclear submarine by some pirates, killing their leader in the process.

The pirate’s leader’s son, David Kane, meets Orm in order to gain revenge on Arthur. Orm, who plans on declaring war with the surface, provides David with advanced technology to kill Arthur.

Mera, Orm’s fiancée, secretly visits Arthur and informs him about Orm’s evil plans, as well as advises him to look for the ancient trident that will give him power over the seven seas. Arthur gets captured by Orm but manages to escape thanks to Mera.

The two then travel from one place to another, searching for clues to find the trident. In between, he encounters David and barely manages to defeat him by throwing him off a cliff. Eventually, Arthur locates the trident where he also encounters his mother Atlanna, who was presumed to be dead.

His determination and willpower enable him to take control of the trident. Arthur and the rest then go back to face Orm and his army.

A small scale battle occurs and Orm is easily defeated after his army abandons him to join Arthur. The film ends with Arthur being declared the king and Atlanna going back to the surface to live with Thomas.

The Movie Production

After releasing a series of disappointing films, it seems that DCEU has finally managed to gain its lost momentum with the release of Aquaman. The sequence has managed to wow the fans with its intense story and graphics.

Considering how most of the film has been underwater, the film’s VFX designers admitted as to how a lot CGI was involved during production. According to James Wan, several months were spent on simply designing the physics involved in terms of the movement of characters underwater.

Months before the release, it was announced that Rupert Gregson-Williams would be composing the official score for Aquaman. Rupert had experience working with DCEU filmmakers as he had previously composed the soundtrack for Wonder Woman as well.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Aquaman has been a sigh of release for both DCEU and its fans. It has been a commercial success and has been received with mostly positive reviews.

Aquaman is an action film with Jason Momoa (1979) as the eponymous underwater superhero. Download it now to see more of the DC Universe.
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