The Blind

The Blind is one of my top hidden gems of the year when it comes to movies. This is the story of Phil Robertson who you may know from the reality TV series, Duck Dynasty. I saw Duck Dynasty for the first time when I was in Disney World back in like 2014 and there was a bad storm and we were stuck in the hotel, the show appealed to me right off the bat and I became a fan.

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The Blind Movie Review – A Hidden Gem

However, despite being a fan and watching each episode of the show, I kind of just took it as it was and never dived into these people. I had heard that Phil Robertson had a troubled past, but to be honest with you, it was never something I looked into or cared about, I just liked the wacky antics of this close-knit Christian family I was watching on TV.

Phil Robertson’s Life Before Duck Commander

When I heard that there was going to be a movie about Phil Robertson I thought for sure it would be about his Duck Commander empire and the creation of that. I am pretty sure that could have been a good and entertaining movie and perhaps that could be something someone else makes one day, but The Blind is not that kind of movie.

A Story of Redemption

What we have here is Phil Robertson and his life before Duck Commander blew up the way that it did. We get to see Phil meet Miss Kay and the courtship that he has with her as a football star and it all seems like a nice love story. Yet, while you can tell that Phil is a good guy, he is battling some major demons.

The Struggles and Redemption

It is very hard watching Phil self-destruct the way he does through alcohol and the selfish decisions that he makes. Yet, the point of The Blind is that this is a redemption story and how one man through faith managed to get his life back on track. It truly is an inspiring story and something that captivated me right from the start all the way until the end.

More Than a Faith-Based Film

Now, I have no doubt that my telling you his redemption comes in the form of his faith may make some of you roll your eyes. I know that “faith-based” movies do not appeal to everyone and while that is certainly here. I feel that the people, their relationships, struggles, and victories make this far more than just a movie about someone finding Jesus and everything becoming great.

Aesthetically Beautiful

One thing that took me by surprise with The Blind was the way that it looked. The 70s and 80s aesthetic is fun and always something I get a kick out of, but that is not what I am talking about. The scenery and the way that this movie is shot is beautiful. It has a very natural kind of look to it, almost like we are actually witnessing these events happening.

A Highly Recommended Experience

I will admit that I was interested when I heard that The Blind was a movie about Phil Robertson, but then when I heard it was about his faith, I was a little worried. Faith-based movies can be hit or miss for me, but this one is a hit that is for sure. If you are looking for something emotional, powerful, and uplifting, I highly recommend that you give this a chance.

The Blind
The Blind is a powerful and inspiring tale of redemption in the life of Phil Robertson, beyond faith, and beautifully shot. Must-watch! Download it now.
8.5 Total Score
The Blind Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • The setting of the movie was great
  • This is such a great looking movie, truly beautiful stuff
  • I thought that the acting was great
  • It is a very uplifting and positive movie by the time the credits roll
  • I know that some people are put off by faith based movies
  • It might not be the “Duck Dynasty” movie some people are expecting
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