The Cursed

One of the things that my wife and I love to do together is watching horror movies and The Cursed was one that she picked. This is a werewolf movie and that right there got me interested from the start. The thing is, this is a very different kind of werewolf movie with a more unusual origin for the beast which I found fascinating.

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The Movie Review

The movie is brought to us by Sean Ellis. One thing I have to say about Sean Ellis is that this was clearly a passion project of his as he wrote, directed, and did so much to get this thing made. It kind of reminds me of the way Kevin Smith would have such a huge hand in every aspect of the production of his movies and that is something I think is very cool.

The movie takes place during the late 19th century and we have this land baron called, Seamus Laurent. On his land, a group of Roma settlers has set up a home and he leads a slaughter of them! While he gets his land back, they place an evil curse on him, this scene is brutal with some very graphic imagery that sets the tone for things to come.

The way that the Roma settlers make these silver wolf fangs for protection was something that I found to be very cool. I knew that these silver wolf fangs would play into the werewolf myth somehow and I was very excited to see how it would all play out. I will warn you that The Cursed is a bit of a slow burn, but that was something I actually liked about it.

It does not take too long to see what these silver fangs are all about! People in the village start to get viciously murdered and most people think that it is an animal attack. No spoilers here, but we the audience are let in on what is going down by this point and we all know this is no “animal” that is terrorizing the people!

A man who is visiting the village called John is a medical examiner. John is pretty sure that there is something more sinister at play here and thus our journey into discovering the horror that is really happening here begins. This is such an awesome werewolf movie and one unlike any other that I have seen. From what I understand this is based on a real werewolf myth which makes it even cooler.

The setting of the movie is great and actually, the way it is shot and the way it looks really is great. The costumes, the clever use of fog, and the eerie, gothic horror setting all add up to make things very unsettling for the viewer. The only issue is that there are not really any interesting characters in this movie! It gets by purely on the overall plot and the werewolf story it is telling.

The thing is even without having any standout characters, The Cursed is a great movie. Again, it is a slow burn and what happens at the very start of the movie feels pointless until it is explained at the end. However, both the wife and I had a great time with this and felt it was one of the more original werewolf movies to be released in quite some time.

The Cursed
The Cursed is a horror film set in the 19th century. Download it now and see what happened in one remote village.
7 Total Score
The Cursed Review Summary

Worth Watching/Streaming/Buying
  • This is one of the more unique werewolf stories I have experienced
  • The setting of the movie is great
  • There are some awesome and gory moments in this movie for you bloodthirsty types!
  • I love the fact that this was such a passion project for Sean Ellis
  • The bit at the start of the movie feels disconnected until the very end
  • It may be a bit too much of a slow burn for some people
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