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Have you ever come across a movie that on paper should be something you love? Well, The Fabelmans is a movie that I was certain I was going to love, but it ended up being just ok. The weird thing about The Fabelmans is that it is a movie that has really split the audience down the middle as there are some who absolutely fell in love with this movie.

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The Movie Review

As someone that grew up in the 80s, the work of Steven Spielberg was a huge part of my life. His movies are some of my all-time favorites and when I heard that The Fabelmans was inspired by the childhood of Steven Spielberg, I was sure it would be great. This was written and directed by Steven Spielberg and that usually guarantees a good time for me.

So, how to describe what this movie is? It takes place in the 50s and our main character is a kid called, Sammy Fableman. One day, his parents take Sammy to the movies and it is a life-changing experience for him. Sammy falls in love with cinema and wants to make his own movies and this is something he does and has a lot of fun with.

Now, surrounding Sammy and his growing love for filmmaking is a family drama. His family moves around a bit and there is a pretty shocking family secret that he uncovers as a result of his making a movie! I do not want to go into spoilers, but I found this part of the movie to be quite clever and it was really what added the “drama” to things.

I would say that the best way to describe The Fabelmans is as a coming-of-age story. As I said, the idea of a story being based on the growing up of Steven Spielberg is awesome. However, as someone that has seen a ton of coming-of-age movies, I can say that this one does fall flat!

I know! It is so hard for me to say that a movie written and directed by Steven Spielberg about his own childhood and his love for filmmaking is not great, but that is how I felt. This should have been so much better, but it just lacks that Spielberg magic in pretty much every regard!

There are so many better movies in this genre. I would much rather watch something like The Way, Way Back, Charlie Bartlett, or The Diary of a Teenage Girl if I wanted to watch a rather recent coming-of-age story. That is not even taking into consideration some of the classics like The Breakfast Club or American Graffiti!

While I found the movie to not be all that interesting a huge part of the problem is the over two hours run time. There is no need for this movie to last as long as it does and I feel that is why some people have said that it is boring. It just lacks any real excitement and when the credits started to roll, I was so disappointed.

Perhaps The Fabelmans is going to be one of those movies where I give it a second watch and I enjoy it much more. However, after my first viewing, I must admit, I was so unimpressed, I am not sure I want to sit through it again. I will probably have to leave this for at least a year before giving it another try!

The Fabelmans
The Fabelmans is a coming-of-age film by Steven Spielberg about a boy who wants to become a filmmaker. Download it and enjoy the plot.
5.5 Total Score
The Fabelmans Review Summary

Sound & Music
  • I liked the setting and the look of the movie
  • The soundtrack was very fitting for the setting
  • I like the backstory of the movie and the inspiration behind it
  • While I was not impressed, some people love it and give it nearly perfect scores!
  • I found the movie to be way too long and boring
  • This is my least favorite movie Spielberg has ever done and it sucks to say that!
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